Health - Geopathic Radiation

What is it? Where does it come from? How can it effect our health? How might we avoid it?

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 •  Cell Phones   again linked to Cancer Risk
 •  Cell Phones   can alter Memory
 •  Electro-magnetic Fields   and Depression
 •  Electro-magnetic Fields   may trigger Enzymes
 •  Importance Electromagnetic field remediation treatment in Chronic Disease
 •  Bio Magnets   Care and handling of magnets
 •  Gas vs. Electricity:   an Experiment
 •  Geopathic Zones   a personal story on the subject
 •  Geopathic Stress   a description of the subject.
 •  Geopathic Stress    A Breakthrough in Earth Healing.
 •  Asleep with a Vampire   a story by a "Dowser".
 •  Radio Waves   Affect Cell Behavior
 •  Hidden Hazards   of Microwaves
 •  Plastic Wraps   in your Microwave - Beware!!
 •  Cell Specific Cancer Therapy  Killing Cancer Cells with Magnetic Energy
 •  Hulda Clark's Parasite Zapper  along with bacteria, fungi, and viruses in the body.
 •  Electricity Cures Illnesses   Check the variety -
 •  Electro Medicine 
 •  Dr. Abrahms's Electron Theory  and the devices he invented to implement it
 •  The Secret of Life  George Lakhovsky "Harmony of Vibrations" (book report) 
 •  Transcript of a Video  on Lyme Disease (helped with Magnets)
 •  Radionics