At one time, I was really afraid of Radionics.  I was afraid it might be of the Devil.  Then, I did some more research on it, and read a book that had some quotes from some of the founders of it, and they made a statement that made an impression on me.

Ruth Drown said, Whatever was ~ Still is; One just has to learn how to tune into it.

I started thinking about how I might be able to substantiate that statement with Scripture.

I started thinking about the fact that Christ said He is the same, Yesterday, Today, and Forever.....

Then, I started thinking about how Christ died on the cross for our sins ONCE.
The Old Testament saints looked forward in faith towards the Cross, where as we look backwards, but it only happened once in time.

Christ, when on this earth, was able to go from place to place, instantly, walk through walls, etc...  Time and other limitations had no hold on Him.

Also, the scripture refers to the "first Adam", bringing sin into the world to ALL men, where as Christ, the "last Adam" brought salvation to all men through his death on the cross.

I began to realize, that if someone we love has died, in reality, they still exist, but in a different dimension.  We are the ones limited by our own understanding of our 3D dimensions, not God.

I am always in prayer with what I do, as I feel that God is the one who heals, not me.  I ask Him what I should be doing, and then do as He directs.  I no longer feel threatened by Radionics, as I feel I've given it some thought, and feel that although there are many who USE Radionics who are un Godly, I can use it, or remedies that are radionically derived, with a clear conscience.

One of the remedies that was so beneficial to me when I was dealing with Breast Cancer was a remedy that was called Onkloysin from a German doctor in the late 1800's.  I found out everything about the remedy, and the doctor who invented it, where, and when it was invented, etc....  and had a professional test vial company make it up for me with a SE-5 Radionic device.  It worked wonderful.  Most of all the NAET and NET test vials are all made with this device.  It really works good.  I had some of the William F.  Koch remedies remade for me this way.  They work pretty good, although, probably not quite as well as the hand processed remedies.

I hope this helps give a different perspective on this unusual modality.