The Secret of Life

I am posting some important excerpts from a book called "The Secret of Life" by George Lakhovsky which is available from the Tesla Society, in Colorado Springs, Colorado. He has some important things to say regarding oscillatory frequencies, and disease that I thought you all might be interested in. I have also posed two of my own questions or thoughts from what I remember of Wilheim Reich's work, which I would like your feedback on. Thank you! I am writing to you regarding his theory. He states: "If the radiations of the microbe win, the cell ceases to oscillate, and death is the ultimate result. If, on the other hand, the radiations of the cell gain the ascendant, the microbe is killed and health is preserved. Broadly speaking, health is equivalent to oscillatory equilibrium, while disease is characterized by oscillatory disequilibrium.

He talks on page 12 about disease being related to lack of Cosmic energy, as is famine, as proven over many centuries of record keeping of the two correlations. Farming is dependant upon the cosmic energy from sun spots. Pg. 25 states that "soils that are especially permeable to rays, that is to say "dielectric", such as sand sandstone, gravel, etc., absorb external radiations to a great depth without giving any reaction on the surface, while soils that are impermeable to rays, that is to say conductors of electricity, such as clay, marl, alluvial deposits, carboniferous strata, mineral ores, etc., are resistant to penetration by rays and give rise to secondary radiations which modify the field of external radiations. It is these impermeable soils which are associated with the highest levels of Cancer." " Those who have reason to dread cancer should live in high dry districts characterized by either limestone or chalk formations."

He refers to Life, considered a "Harmony of vibrations" on page 79, stating: "may be modified or destroyed by any condition causing oscillatory disequilibrium, partiqually by the radiations of certain microbes which overcome the radiations of weaker or less resistant cells." He continues "It is essential that the amplitude of oscillation should have an adequate value so that the organism may be in a sound defensive state against the harmful radiations of certain microbes. The microbe, as a living organism, vibrating with a frequency lower or higher than that of the organic cell, causes, in the living being, an oscillatory disequilibrium. The sound cell which can no longer oscillate normally is then forced to modify the amplitude of the frequency of its own vibration which the microbe overcomes more or less completely by induction. As result of being forced to vibrate under abnormal conditions the cell can no longer function normally; it is in fact, a diseased cell. In order that it may be restored to health it must be treated by means of a radiation of appropriate frequency which, in recharging the cell with the required energy, achieves the duel purpose of restoring it to health and to its original normal state."

With regard to radium, X-rays, and ultraviolet rays, he finds difficulties; On page 80 he states "It is difficult to destroy the microbes without injuring the host. Indeed, since the time of Pasteur, the main object has always been to kill the microbes. This method has a great disadvantage for it destroys, beside the oscillation of the bacillus, the oscillation of the cell in contact with it."  He restates on page 156 that "the microbe does not attack living cells directly, but only indirectly by induction." On page 96, it talks about the role of fevers in disease. On page 103, he pictures and describes healing induced tumor on plants by simply surrounding with a circular spiral consisting of copper, and measuring 30 cm. in diameter, it's two extremities, not joining together, being fixed into an ebonite support. The results were that the plant grew to 2 X the height of the untreated plants. He concludes the copper spiral must have picked up external radiations, atmospheric radiations, and that it created an electromagnetic manner as the Oscillator in his previous experiments. On page 106 he states "Experience has taught us that the intensity of cosmic waves is not constant, but is maximal at night toward midnight and minimal towards mid-day, as the diurnal radiation of light diminishes their intensity."

This gives me, Jennifer a question. To take advantage of night cosmic energy, the concepts of ORGONE ACCUMULATORS - such as Willheim Reich's orgone blanket made of layers of steel wool, and organic cotton batting, alternately layered several times, made into a quilt, how would this perhaps help us to harness cosmic energy?? Wouldn't a Magnetic Mattress cover help things with regard to this quilt concept, and cosmic energy??? On page 140 George Lakhovsky states: "My researches on cancer have led me to the conclusion that this terrible disease is least prevalent in localities where living organisms are in harmony, that is to say in oscillatory equilibrium with the soil of their habitat, as I have indicated before." He continues: " When local living conditions are exceptionally bad or variable, it is possible, as I have shown, to re-establish, or rather "tune up" the electric constants of the cell by means of appropriate substances in harmony with the physical and chemical nature of the soil of the habitat. These substances could be administered by hypodermic injection, or, preferably by the oral route. At night time the sleeper might be connected with the soil by means of an appropriate earth connection, and in daytime, footware might be used to hold a metalic plate in sole or heel, thus establishing electrical contact between the foot and the soil. In the majority of cases it seems more rational and more efficaious to resort to electrical methods such as filtration of the field of cosmic waves in the immediate vicinity of the individual." I have been told recently, that rubber sole shoes should not be worn as it breaks the electrical current and vibration between the earth and the foot. Leather allows it to pass through. Interesting this coorelation! How about Magnetic Shole intersoles? I've been told these really help both circulation and the lymphatic system discard of toxic poisons in the body.