The Zapper and Parasites

According to researchers Hulda Regehr Clark and Bob Beck, compromised health is a direct result of parasitical infestation in our bodies. Parasites live off our body's life force and the sustenance that we ingest. In addition to a loss of nourishment and cellular damage, the toxidities produced by these creatures play havoc with our immune system and degrade the optimum health of their host. Sickness, disease, and numerous health challenges are the direct result of continued exposure and infestation. But parasites can be safely eliminated from the human body.

What exactly is a parasite? A parasite is an organism that lives off the host, the host being you or I. The parasites live a parallel life inside our bodies, feeding off either our own energy, our own cells or the food we eat, and even feeding off the health supplements we use. In recent medical studies, it has been estimated that 85% of the North American adult population has at least one form of parasite living in their bodies. Some authorities feel that this figure may be as high as 95%.

There are over 1,000 species of parasites, yet today's medical testing procedures only screen to identify about 50! There are two major categories of parasites: large parasites, which are primarily worms, and small parasites.  Because of their microscopic size, they can burrow into the muscle, bones, or joints. Some of them may feed off the calcium linings of the bones or even the protein coating on your nerves, which can disrupt the nerve impulses to the brain. Parasites also secrete toxins, generating toxic build-up and stressing the immune system.

The immediate question that comes to mind when people are informed of this situation is: How can a parasite possibly live in my body and I don't even know it is there? The answer to this is simple. The purpose of a parasite is to not make itself known. A smart parasite lives without being detected because if it is detected, of course, something is going to be done to eradicate it. If you think parasites are stupid, think again. They are highly intelligent organisms. Not intelligent in the same way humans are, but they are intelligent in their ability to survive and reproduce, which is of course, the purpose of any organism on this planet.

We don't know why every generation prior to modern times made de-worming a regular part of their lives, but our generation chooses to ignore this basic practice. It is recognized that people in third world countries have parasites. It is also recognized that most of the animals we eat, and pets who live in our homes have an innumerable number of parasites and worms, but for whatever reason we seem to dismiss the notion that we as a modern society might also have foreign entities living within us as well. For whatever reason the medical profession chooses to try to downplay this fact, but this knowledge is becoming more and more publicly aware in this day.

The zapper is a form of electrotherapy. In 1988 Dr. Hulda Regehr Clark discovered a new way to scan the body's organs.  Her new electronic technique can eliminate bacteria, viruses, fungi and parasites. After several years of experimenting on herself she discovered that these bacteria, viruses and parasites could be killed. This was accomplished with a pulsating direct current low voltage delivered by a small current (about 3.5 milliamperes). With the help of her son, she built a small electronic device she called the Zapper. Using a small electrical current similar to the body's cellular structure will assist in re-establishing homeostasis.


Dr Hulda Clark, who wrote the book, CURE FOR ALL DISEASES, invented the zapper. The zapper itself is not the cure for all diseases, but it is very useful in the treatment of some of them. By "zapping," she means selectively electrocuting pathogens. Clark states that the zapper is effective in killing bacteria, parasites, fungi, and viruses in the body.

The zapper causes no damage to the body. It does not work well in gaseous cavities, like under some teeth, nasal passages, and lungs, nor in the contents of the stomach and intestines. It does not work inside the body's cells, since it does not harm them. Any viruses or fungi which are inside will not be killed, so daily zapping is necessary to catch any that may be released from the cells, as well as any that may not be reached in the intestines or in the lymphatic system. It works well for many blood borne pathogens and skin diseases caused by parasites, bacteria, or fungi. For years she used the commercial frequency generator to "zap" one pathogen after another. However, the total process would take hours, often with less than satisfying results. Finally, in 1994 Dr. Clark's son, Geoffrey, built an accurate frequency generator, hand held and battery operated, to kill the intestinal fluke at 434,000 Hz. When testing revealed that three other known pathogens also died at the same time, Dr. Clark discovered that, due to battery operation, all pathogens could be killed with the new device.

However, it would take three treatments to kill everything. This is because the first zapping kills viruses, bacteria and parasites. Then, a few minutes later, new parasites are detected. Dr. Clark concluded that, by killing the first parasites, their own parasites were released. Even after zapping a second time, a few new viruses appear again. She says, "They must have been infecting some of the last bacteria. After zapping a third time, I never find any viruses, bacteria or parasites, even hours later." Although zapping does not kill shielded organisms such as those in the middle of your stomach or intestines, Dr. Clark writes, "So zapping is still not perfect, but can bring such manifest relief that everyone should buy or make one." (The book contains the diagrams and information on how to make your own) Hulda Clark concludes, (The Cure for All Diseases, pg. 576) ". . .

The zapper has a broad-spectrum band width frequency that kills all parasites in your body (molds, fungi, viruses, bacteria, worms), with the exception of a couple of places, like deep in your intestine and stomach. With much more expensive equipment, (frequency generator, Oscilloscope, etc.), you can determine the exact parasite that you have and zap at only the frequency that will kill only that parasite.

But for most people Clark's broad spectrum zapper is all they need. The zapper will not reach deep into your intestines or stomach, which is why Dr. Clark recommends doing an herbal parasite cleansing program including Black Walnut hull, as well as the zapping. This should eliminate any fears of killing (zapping) the "good" flora in your intestines. Dr. Clark's philosophy is that even if you do kill some of the "good" parasites in your system, by killing the bad parasites, your good parasites are better able to flourish and do their job.

However if you are still concerned about this possibility you can easily supplement yourself (re-populate your intestines) with yogurt that contains active and live cultures.

Bob Beck has taken the zapper to the next step.

Bob Beck's 4 step protocol contains the following 4 devices:
1. Colloidal Silver, easy to buy or make.
2. Blood Electrification using the black box, also referred to as the silver pulser or blood purifier.
3. Ozonated water.
4. Magnetic Pulser.

Black Box is an electronic device known to reverse many "incurable" viral & bacterial conditions, including AIDS, Cancer, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Gastritis, Herpes, Hepatitis, Lupus, Gulf War Syndrome (GWS) & Rheumatoid Arthritis. It delivers a very low frequency (4 or 100 hz, modified or pure square wave), low current, alternating polarity signal which neutralizes (stops reproduction) of viruses and becteria in the bloodstream & organs so they can be eliminated from the body.

Research from MIT & Albert Einstein College of Medicine has revealed the effectiveness of electric currents on all viruses, even on the AIDS virus. It does this by deactivating their ability to penetrate into cells (and once there, reproduce while hiding out). By keeping them out of the cells and in the bloodstream, the immune system can easily remove them from the body. Typical usage is 1 to 2 hours daily for 6 weeks. With the 4hz setting, users should avoid medicinal herbs, garlic, vitamins, medicines, alcoholic drinks, caffeine, and nicotine. With the 100 hz setting there are no precautions for use.

Magnetic Pulser is a device that delivers a strong momentary magnetic pulse every 5 seconds which penetrates into surrounding tissues (within 4" of the center of the coil) to induce an electric current which is reported to neutralize viruses and bacteria (when pulsed at least 50 times) and cause the lymph fluid to circulate (which is essential when fighting a systemic infection). No sensation is felt at all except in some lymph vessels. The magnetic strength is equal to that of Magnetic Nuclear Resonance Imaging, therefore safe for use anywhere on the body. It's recommended that it be used daily with the Black Box.

The Pulser is necessary to stimulate lymph flow so that the microbe-destroying immune cells will have an unimpeded flow from the bone marrow (where they're created) to the bloodstream. Keep in mind that blood electrification only stops microbes reproduction and that it's the immune cells that kill them. And if there are any stray viruses in the peripheral veins of the lymph system the increased circulation helps move them to the main lymph arteries so immune cells can destroy them. Also the Pulser breaks up electrical attractions between viruses and other cells that can keep them from freely circulating in the bloodstream which is necessary for them to be affected by blood electrification.

The 'hz' stands for 'hertz' which is a cycle per second. 4hz is a scientific abbreviation that means the voltage output completes a cycle of its polarity from positive to negative and back to positive four times a second. 100hz is 100 cycles per second. Because during electric current application (at 4hz) blood cells more readily absorb chemicals that are in the bloodstream. (~20Xmore). So it would be necessary to give the body plenty of time (22-23 hours) to expel the medicinal chemicals by only taking them right after each session. Otherwise use the 100hz setting which doesn't cause this effect.


Although Dr. Clark recommends holding copper-pipe electrodes in the hands during three cycles of 7 minutes on, 20 minutes off, Don Croft noted that if one simply puts the electrodes anywhere securely against the body for an hour, exactly the same results are obtained. He made the zapper smaller and with the electrodes (he uses pennies) attached to the box. Don Croft's zappers can be worn around the clock without discomfort or symptoms.

Don took his zapper design even further by incorporating design ideas he learned from the books of Wilhelm Reich. He added metal shavings combined with polyester resin to the inside of the zapper box. This created an orgone generator. He also uses Amethyst and Garnet crystal beads in the design along with a strong neodymium magnet and a mobius coil. He calls this new design The Terminator.


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