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BIOMAG2.ASC The following is a very basic introduction to the incredible researches of Albert Roy Davis and Walter Rawls. Davis is no longer living, but Rawls currently lives in Florida around Jacksonville. We highly recommend the purchase of the following books detailing the researches of these two brilliant investigators. Magnetism and its Effects on the Living System Explains for the first time how magnetism affects your life and the life of all living systems around you. The result of years of investigation into the laws of magnetism, it explains the discovery that a magnet has not one effect on the living system but TWO EFFECTS, each supplied by the two forms of energy transmitted from each pole. You or any other qualified person can reproduce the projects in this book. (Illustrated) The Magnetic Effect In this book, Davis and Rawls present and discuss biomagnetic experiments and research that have been successfully duplicated by members of the orthodox scientific community. The authors reveal the factual, natural basis of applied biomagnetic energies and add greatly to the understanding of this new and exciting field. The computer-exact and reproducible findings in this work apply to the treatment of such conditions as arthritis, cancer, glaucoma, sexual problems, and aging. The Magnetic Blueprint of Life Written with forcefulness and precision, this is a comprehensive guide to the effect of magnetism upon the air we breathe, the food we eat, the exercise we take. It is an eloquent plea to the scientific community to reconsider the significance of basic magnetism...."the most important energy in Nature."

BioMagnetics Part 1 by Jerry W. Decker with information from "The Magnetic Effect" by Albert Roy Davis and Walter C. Rawls One of the most important series of experiments ever done and yet still not widely known, were those carried out by Albert Roy Davis in conjunction with Walter Rawls. These experiments are FUNDAMENTAL Page 1 to an understanding of magnetic forces and are to this day not being used widely because many have never heard of them. They found that each pole of a magnet has SPECIFIC effects that are quite different from those of a full magnet where both poles are applied simultaneously. These polar effects are deemed "mono-polar" for one pole. The poles spin in opposite directions and have opposite properties. Specifically, North Pole energies cause mass to contract and condense, rotating in a CCW direction, while South Pole energies cause mass to expand and dissipate, rotating in a CW direction. Also, North Pole energies have alkaline properties while South Pole energy is acid. North pole energies tend to collect fluids while South Pole energies dissipate fluids. North pole energy is referred to as negative because it reduces or attracts, while South pole energy is referred to as positive because it expands and dissipates. Since magnetic monopole magnets are not available at just any Wal- Mart store, they chose to use the longest possible bar or cylinder magnets they could acquire which would allow for the greatest separation of the two opposite energies. It was found that use of a North Pole would provide an energetic environment which would cause cancer cells to contract and die out. This energetic environment also has other healthy applications as detailed in their many books. I had the pleasure of visiting with Walter Rawls one afternoon at his office in Jacksonville, Florida several years back. We discussed many things including Keely, of which he had never heard. Mr. Rawls mailing address is Walter Rawls ARD Research Lab PO BOX 655 Green Cove Springs, Florida 32043 (904) 264-8564 Should you wish to carry out your own experiments with magnets as blazed by these pioneers, here are some helpful tips.

CORRECT POLE IDENTIFICATION First, you need to understand how to correctly identify the polarity of any magnet. In Davis/Rawls own words: "The North pole of a magnet seeks a South pole; likewise, a South pole seeks a North pole. The North pole of a magnet is NOT the North-SEEKING pole, nor is the South pole the South-SEEKING pole. In fact, the North-SEEKING pole of a magnet is ACTUALLY the South pole! The South-SEEKING pole of a magnet is the North pole. The rule to remember is OPPOSITES ATTRACT and SIMILARS REPEL. Test a magnet for correct usage by identifying the separate poles correctly. Using a bar or cylinder magnet, tie a thread around the exact center of the magnet, with the thread having a loose end. Page 2 Tie the loose end of the thread to any stationary overhang that allows the magnet to turn without hindrance in space. When the magnet stops turning, the end of the magnet pointing in the direction of the earth's North pole is the South pole of the magnet. You may need a simple compass to determine the earth's North pole direction. After you have determined the South pole of the magnet, mark that pole end with red fingernail polish or paint. Once you have one magnet properly identified for North and South poles this magnet can be used to IDENTIFY the North and South poles of OTHER magnets. (They use the color RED to indicate danger and thus avoid it for biological experiments. The reason being that since it causes a swelling of tissue, the fluids flow more freely, it accelerates life and growth. If you have a bacteria or disease, it will also ACCELERATE its growth and so can be quite dangerous.) For example, if we bring the South pole of any magnet up to another magnet's pole, a REPELLING force shows that the pole of the unknown magnet is the South pole. An ATTRACTING force shows that the unknown pole is the North pole. You may wish to purchase a small inexpensive magnetometer. The sensitive needle of this instrument moves in one direction or the other depending on the separate magnetic pole in close vicinity. The law of magnetism is a PRIMARY law of nature: Like forces REPEL - unlike forces ATTRACT.

ESTIMATING FIELD STRENGTH Magnetic field strength is measured in units called gauss. Since magnets are not sold with this value printed on them and gaussmeters are expensive, you need a way to determine the approximate field strength. Magnets are generally sold by their LIFTING power. That is, a horseshoe magnet is offered as having a lifting power, when placed against a piece of heavy metal, of 2 pounds to 25 pounds to 50 pounds, depending on the size, type, or kind of magnet. As a guide to the approximate gauss of commercial magnets, consider the following: A magnet having a lifting power of 2 pounds may vary from 500 to 600 gauss units; a lifting power of 5 pounds may vary from 900 to 1200 gauss; a lifting power of 25 pounds is usually around 2000 gauss; with 50 pounds lifting power, 3500 to 4500 gauss. For more precise measurement, an equipment aid, such as a magnetometer, should be employed. Care must be taken to properly determine which pole is North and which is South, based on the above criteria.

When I was visiting with Walter in Florida, he very kindly gave me an assortment of magnets and books as well as an interesting meter that is used to measure the field strength AND POLARITY of a magnet. Page 3 This meter allows you to quickly and accurately determine what pole is North or South. It also has instructions for helping to determine the field strength. The meter sells for $50 and is a quick way to VISUALLY determine the polarity of any magnet.

CARE AND HANDLING OF MAGNETS To prevent breakage and loss of magnetic power, you should never drop or strike the magnet with a sharp blow. Not only can it chip but it can also lose magnetic energy. Magnets should never be stored in a hot location. Most magnets lose ALL their power at temperatures from 400 to 500 degrees Fahrenheit. The loss occurs at the CURIE point, where the magnetic domains are no longer aligned and become chaotic. After using a magnet, you should place both ends of the magnet against a structure of flat metal. This will allow the magnet to maintain its original strength. Such a structure is called a "keeper." Magnets should be kept away from each other. If placed where the poles of separate magnets repel, there could be a "bleeding-off" of the energy. A loss of energy in this manner would be rapid.

WHY YOU SHOULD NOT USE ELECTROMAGNETS Very effective and powerful magnets are made by passing electrical energy through a coil of wire having a metal, iron, or steel core. However, there is a difference between the magnetism produced in this manner and the magnetism from a solid state bar or metal composition magnet. Magnetism HAS A FREQUENCY. It also has motion. The rate of vibration depends on the size, length, width, and power of the magnet. Solid state composition magnets, such as metal, iron and steel, are CONSTANT in their rate of vibration DEPENDING on their structure. An electromagnet, however, may present a number of different types of vibrations. Any kind of electromagnet has many turns of insulated wire. Each turn of this wire presents so many lines of magnetism. Actually, we have discovered that these lines of force are really CABLES of force, as explained in our earlier publications. (See RAWLS1.ASC and RAWLS1.GIF on KeelyNet) However, a coil wound a certain number of turns has a different frequency from a fixed metal or composition magnet. As the coil heats, the resistance to the flow of current INCREASES. Here we have a SLOW DROP in magnetic lines, or cables, of force to a RISE IN FORCE, depending upon the wire and core materials used for construction. Therefore, the vibrations supplied by the electromagnet are NOT AS CONSTANT as those from the metal or composition magnet. Our research has revealed that size, width, and overall length of a magnet GOVERNS FREQUENCY in electrical electron vibrations. This is a discovery not known by the general scientific community, because we have not published our scientific materials on this research finding. We are working on this discovery in the establishment of provable laws that we will disclose when completed. We feel confident this future disclosure will open new avenues that neither we nor the general scientific community could properly comprehend at this time. (printed in The Magnetic Effect in 1975)

I asked Walter about this frequency business with magnets and at that time, he would not disclose how the measurements were made as it was proprietary to their company, BioMagnetics International. There are over 36 international patents based on the Davis/Rawls discoveries. Also at the time I spoke with Walter, he said they had developed a couch that could DIAGNOSE problem areas in the body with an accuracy of 99%. It uses magnets to create a response in the body to indicate an infected or diseased location. This response is described in the books listed above and has to do with a contraction of tissue when in the presence of a North pole energy. It is interesting that the Floyd (Sparky) Sweet Vacuum Triode uses magnets that are "tuned" to the 60 cps frequency. This allows the device to pull in space energy at a frequency that requires no alteration to run off the shelf devices. We also understand he has "pulled" as much as 3000 watts of free energy directly from this space energy source, also called the ZPE or hyperspace or virtual flux. The magnets are put under a tremendous stress by placing like poles against one another, then binding them together, this effectively creates a giant magnet with spatial stress bubble. All that is listed on KeelyNet as SWEET1 through SWEET4 and the diagrams are listed as VTAPAK.ZIP. The device also appears to be LOCALE DEPENDENT, meaning that it works better in some areas than others. To our knowledge, no one has yet publicly admitted to successfully duplicating the Sweet device. We are told Sweet is under a Secrecy Order by the United States government that forbids his discussing or working further with his own discovery. If he'd only "slip" a copy of the plans out, we'd be very happy to distribute them across the computer networks and to many other researchers who would make it a reality for all. Also see the file DAVRAW.GIF.

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