Geopathic Zones Premise

I will preface this by saying that several years ago in a Bill Gothard seminar, he spoke about dietary laws, and the fact that the Bible says not to mix Flax with Linen in clothing.  He said that just recently they have discovered that when you do, it makes the body weaker. I found that statement interesting. The skin is the largest organ. If one eats something bad, the body knows it, and will vomit it up. If one needs something nutritionally, and it can be fixed by eating what you need, you can tell it before eating it, by testing your weakness beforehand and then after holding the nutrition needed in your hand. Your body knows your are holding what it needs to get well.  I have been told by people who sell essential oils, that one can go weak just holding a cup of coffee for a few minutes - it can affect their adrenals for over an hour.

Everything in this world has a spin. All electrons, Photons, and all cellular structures have a spin. All electrical fields have polarity. Even Hurricanes spin in an opposite motion than the rest of normal movement, which is part of why they are so destructive, they have a counter clockwise motion. One spin gives good energy, where a counter clockwise movement takes the vitality out of health.

Magnets do seem to help correct this bad energy field by increasing the electromagnetic field back closer to what it once was at Creation. This summer, when we had such a horrible drought, and had huge cracks in the ground, (some wells dried up) our zones moved and increased in size, and we had to put magnets under the mattress, as well as one of Linda's Polarizers to correct the zone. Neither would work by themselves. It required both.  Must have something to do with needing both the increased electromagnetic field, as well as needing Photon energy (light), which the Kelp attracts.

First I believe this is true, because of the Bible, the fact that at Creation it never rained, things were watered from below ground. Initially, before sin this was intended for our good. Second, I think I mentioned to you about the fact that the bible states that hell is at the core of the earth. In the ocean there are cracks that ooze out all kinds of oil, and other stuff, but the one thing I found that was neat was there are VENT Worms that live and thrive on HIGH HEAT, and eat bacteria. The bible says that hell is a place of high heat, torment, and where the worm dieth not.  Why would this worm be mentioned??? Also, I have two articles regarding Deep drilling (core testing) done by a Finnish geologist, that had his whole crew walked off the job because of the noise of screaming of anguished souls that could be heard coming from the core of the earth. The bible says that the devils purpose is to Hurt, Destroy, and Kill us.  We know that there is warfare going on in this world between good and bad angels. Their battle ground is in the lives and souls of men. Magnetically speaking, Underground waterways and any crack in the earth might be a highway for these spirits to use as an avenue to accomplish their purpose.

My sister in law just found out some neat information that is common knowledge in Europe and the far east, but is mostly unavailable here in the states, at least I couldn't find much on it when I did a search for it last night. It's called  Geopathic Radiation. There is apparently grid lines under the earth, of water, which creates electromagnetic causeways that create disturbances in hormonal systems in humans, cause cancer, and all kinds of problems.

There is two  kinesilogy points on the body, which when you find that you are on this grid, you go very weak, whereas just a foot or two over, you are strong -- testing exactly the same spots on the body. It is supposed to wreak havoc with the Rife device, and mess up the frequencies. It also attracts bees, ants, wasps, etc. My husband said that he bet that one end of our house is on one, as it always has a ton of wasps in the attic on this end. Also, my birds cage was on that end, and she died. Her cage was just on top of the grid line when we checked it this morning. We located two of these grids in just minutes of looking.

Using Kinesiology this way is similar to dowsing for water. My sister in law is going to Xerox a small booklet for me, that she says has phenomenal information in it. She says that people in Europe know that there are Generational Family Homes, and/or Rooms that everyone who sleeps in that room develops Cancer and dies. ( I used to think that there was a residual frequency of the disease left in the room) But no, it is deeper than that, it is the Cause of the illness that is constantly there.

My husband was having a hard time sleeping on one side of our bed. He has allergies and sometimes asthma. He wanted to change sides with me several years ago, so we switched. Soon, I became  pregnant with my first child, and had Toxemia in both of my two pregnancies, almost died, never ever went into labor at all, although both babies were carried into the 10th month, and had to be delivered C-section. The other grid is directly under my side of the bed. I also have never recovered completely from my illness. My bird died because she couldn't pass an egg, and it became diseased in her. All the Rife treatments couldn't help her, as we couldn't get rid of the cause of the infection (without surgery).

The two test points for this energy imbalance are approx. 2" up from the navel, and 2" either side of center above the navel,(2 fingered test) OR , the top and to the back of the head. One can hold that spot, and hold their arm out and  muscle test. My husband is pretty strong, and he went weak when on the gridlines, but was strong on either side of it. We are going to be changing our furniture around immediately!

Just thought you'd like to know. I should get the article sometime towards the end of this week, but the only other thing I could find on the web was:  This is being translated from polish to English, so it reads kind of strange. I think the booklet should be much more informative.

Wed, 25 Nov 1998
I again began experiencing lots of intense problems of late. About for the last 4-6 weeks, I have again been having problems sleeping, and achy all over, my teeth hurt badly, do not feel rested- generally exhausted.  I spoke with my sister in law who was having similar problems, and she recognized that it was because of a geopathic fault in her home, which HAD previously been fixed.  She thought her magnets had "gone bad".

She called out a Dowser who does something called Earth Acupunture with 18" pieces of rebar, which he drives into the ground.  ( I guess he determines where from the tool he uses) Anyway, he told her that there is a lot of things going on with the cracks in the ground, and it has changed, and increased the normal amount of geopathic faults  in a given space.  He told her that they are normally , but not always around 10 feet or so, in kind of a grid like pattern. I don't know. I do know I had 2 of them, but had moved my bed and furniture around as to avoid it.  I had wanted to purchase Linda's ground rod Polarizers, but didn't have the funds when she was here. Anyway, as the water table has lowered, and the cracks in our clay soil are HUGE, and Many;  the fault in my bedroom is taking up almost my whole room! My whole bed is in it, which I had moved to avoid the original one.  Well, we tested with Kinesiology where it was, and I got in the bed, and my  husband  did blind testing on me- in it. He tried magnets, then the Polarizer, then the combination of magnets and Polarizer.  As the test went, it only worked, with both. It must be severe, as typically the polarizer alone will fix it.

Last night I slept well, and didn't stay awake for most of the night. I awoke rested, and not achy, and most of all, -- my teeth don't hurt!!! Yea ! Wow! I cannot believe that this dry weather can change Everything like this.

On a Spiritual note, I had always believed that as Genesis says that before the flood, the earth was watered subterrainily, which I figured was how the Geopathic faults got there in the first place.  I also have told several people that I felt that they were now being used as a method  for "demonic" activity -- to ruin people's health.  The dowser told my sister in law that these faults are used by demon entities for their travel routes.  Whether my supposition is correct or not, or the dowser is right or not, it seems logical, at least to me!