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Transcript: 1994 EMEM Video Tape

Editorial note: I've removed/changed various names in this transcript out of respect for the privacy of the individuals involved.

My name is Dan. I am going to talk about the machine that I found out about that people have used on themselves to treat many illnesses. They have been somewhat successful...

My wife Jean began to have a mysterious illness in 1980. She had dizzy spells and nausea. At one point she got so bad that if she even sat up she was immediately sick. This went on for 10 days. And from 1985 on her sicknesses seemed to intensify more: she could no longer do any knitting because of arthritis in her hands, especially her thumbs. She also had headaches. Just before the Memorial Day weekend in 1992, she got to the point where she couldn't do much, and finally she made an appointment to go up for a physical. She was going through menopause and wanted to get checked out, plus to get estrogen or something of that nature.

The nurse who examined her said she had to have a mammogram. It scared the daylights out of Jean. However, it came out fine: there was nothing but fibroids. After that, she had chest pain from the tight press and heart palpitations. When we got the results Jean broke down crying.

Now we know that she had Lyme disease so bad that she could not take stress. She was very, very depressed, and we got to running other tests, and finally my mother insisted that we get a Lyme test. Up in this part of the country, to that point, we had heard the word, but we didn't know what it was. A couple of years before this my mother had insisted that I get a Lyme test because after the bite of a tick I had a big red circle around it. We know now that it takes six weeks to six months before you can get a positive test, because they test for antibodies in your blood - they don't test for the spirochete. And, anyway, my test was negative.

We had Jean tested, and the doctor couldn't believe that she came back positive. "There's no Lyme in this area... Where did you go to get Lyme?" And a spiel like this went on. It didn't matter, she had Lyme.

Our daughter, who works in hospital in Denver, had sent us a little bit on Lyme years before. Now she said we should get Jean checked. I took these papers to the doctor after we found out she had it. I wasn't trying to be smart with him - I just wanted to show him that we'd heard of the disease. He was very hyper over this; his exact words were, "Seeing how you're doing the doctoring from now on, what do we do next?"

At this point, I was ready to put him through a window. But I looked at my wife: To see her sitting there in pain and agony, and I knew we had to have someone for a doctor, so I bit my tongue and shut up and went home. A person had already told me about some doctors away down in "Neartown", all the way nearly to "Bigtown". I called them, we went down, and we had the nicest doctor you could ever imagine. This guy is very thorough, he's very good, and I could ask him a question, he answered. I took the same papers, against Jean's wishes, and when this guy saw the papers, he was very happy: he said, "You know about the disease; all I have to do is treat it."

We did treat with this doctor for 21 months. This first doctor had started her on Doxycycline but this doctor in "Neartown", he had a fit because it was Doxy. He said it wasn't any good at all. "But as long as you've been on it a while, you might as well continue." And then he saw it was a 21-day, and he had a fit over that: "It takes at least 30 days to get anywhere. So he gave us an extension on it - she went 30 days. Then we switched to amoxicillin for 14 months, and at that time - she had plateaued before that - she didn't want to change medicines and get Herxheimer's and all that stuff, and she wouldn't tell anybody that she kept getting worse.

At this time they put her on Biaxin. This was nothing but bad news. While she was on the 7 months of Biaxin, taking $100 worth of Zantac per month; and this Biaxin was taking out her menstrual cycle, and it gave her unbearable stomach cramps, and she had to cut the dosage down to a smaller dose than they recommended, and all in all it was doing her practically no good...

Alternative Treatments Information

Back at Thanksgiving time, 1993, I had called "Jane John" and ordered some more Lyme books. I had a prayer with God, asking Him to make my wife well. "Jane John" sent me some papers which told me about magnetic treatments, hot water treatments; and the electro-magnetic treatments.


We immediately got a hold of some permanent magnets, and they definitely do help pain and symptoms. Now, my wife was treating her chest, and her bowels which were still bothering her, from the arthritis, and the magnets did help the symptoms considerably. They are not a cure, but they were very helpful. At one point, she was putting the slab magnets on, 24 hours at a time, sometimes several days at a time. We found out you could get - we called it a magnet burn - a rash that would be somewhat painful, in the exact shape of the magnet. At times it would even actually really burn - got a burning sensation through it. So you can't wear magnets 24 hours a day for too many days in a row. You have to let your skin breathe.

Incidentally, for migraines, she has found that a large magnet 6" long, 4" wide, and 3" thick (it's reasonably expensive - we paid $38 for it) works very well. When she gets a migraine, she usually ends up going to bed, putting a hot-water bottle on her head, laying on whichever side the headache is on, directly on the negative pole of the magnet; it usually stops the headache in a hour's time. And these migraines, up until then, regardless of what drug she was taking, would last 24 to 30 hours. So, the sooner she gets on the magnet when she feels the migraine start, the quicker she can stop it. If she's lucky enough to be home in the evening when one of these headaches start, she can lie down and get the magnet and stop it fast. If she's overworked. and can't get to it for a few hours, it takes a little longer.

In 1994 "Jane Doe" began coming over here. She had gone with us to the doctor in "Neartown", and got some months of treatment for her Lyme - and her shoulder suddenly started getting worse. She also had pain in her hip, a memory loss, and a big drop in ambition: she was really a typical Lyme patient.

They X-rayed her shoulder; she could not raise her arm to get deodorant under her arm. The local doctor said that it was not Lyme - it could have been helped to be brought on by Lyme - but it was osteoarthritis: it would never be better; it was irreversible; and she would have to learn to live with it, and take pain pills to get along.

It was about this time she started using magnets. We had some real small ones - we call them domino-type magnets - about the size of a domino, just sticking them on her bra strap and wearing them around the house. A couple of months later, we went back to the doctor's with her. We began telling him about magnets. He was real nice about it, but you could tell he didn't believe us. "Jane Doe" showed him by putting her hands straight up. He couldn't believe this: his mouth dropped open, his eyes bugged out, and he started listening a little bit more about the magnets then.

"Jane Doe" Responds to the Machine

So about this time we finally got the machine working so it was going reliably, and she used electro-magnetic treatment on her arm, her shoulder, and, to shorten this up a little bit, by the end of July she was able to swim with both hands. She loved to swim; she was swimming with overhand strokes, and without pain. And she has pretty much 100% use of that arm now. The pain there is much reduced; I would say 90% gone. She says she can do things that she wasn't able to do before, with the hip pain. If she's sitting in a chair, she can get up and walk away; and it used to be she would have to sit there and kind of work things out. When she got up in the morning she would go to the stairs and kind of slide down the stairs on her tail, because her feet, her ankles and hip were so bad she couldn't walk downstairs. And now all this is gone she can go downstairs and she can get a cup of coffee just like anybody else.

Hyperthermia (Hot Water) Treatments for Jean

And we did find out that hot water baths would help. She would go in, she would fill a bathtub with water just about as hot as she could stand, and then she would turn the hot water on after she was in the tub a little bit, and get the temperature on up. She has got her temperature up to 103 degrees. Now, she wasn't going with a full-length treatment: she says that after about 10 minutes she got the point where she had to get out, or she felt just like sliding under the water and forgetting the whole thing. And when she got out of the water, she would have a real good sinus attack - a Lyme attack, if you will. Her sinus would fill up, and she would be sneezing and really carrying on for 15 or 20 minutes, and then that would cease and she would be all right again.

I blame this effect on the fact that she could pretty well submerge, with the exception of her face. Apparently these bugs are a lot smarter than some people think; they were moving to a cooler and safer place, and they would find it in her sinus and face area, and this is what we would call a sinus attack. We stopped these baths after several months; she didn't get that much of a boost out of them any more.

Electro-Magnetic Field Generator

By the middle of January, we got the function generator, and the amplifier, and the coils, and we got hooked up, and I ran a little short treatment on myself. And I went to playing with the amplifier after that: I burnt it up. So I bundled it up, sent it back, and the replacement amplifier, I don't know what was wrong, I was heating it up for a few nights and the replacement burned up. And that time I sat down and wrote the place where I bought the amplifier, and I told them - I was honest about it - I guess that's not the way to do it. I told them what we were doing, and I got a kind of nasty letter back telling me to send my wife to a doctor and get her a proper treatment, and these machines weren't meant to do this - they weren't medical machines and so forth. I really wanted to call the guys or whatever but I didn't.

But anyway, we did get the machine to work.

I can't say this machine is exactly the same thing Mr. Rife built; I know it's not. It works on the same theory - magnetics. And I know that he delivered it in a different way - he had a completely different type of machine than we are using. And I can't say that this machine will cure all cancers. The only thing that I can say is that if we allow people to use this, we will learn more. I don't treat
anybody. There is absolutely no charge for anybody to use this. We tell them that it is totally experimental; and if they want to use the machine, they do it on their own. No-one has yet been hurt by using this machine on themselves; everybody that has experienced it has either had no change or great improvement.

Jean's EMEM Treatments

We treated Jean with the machine from the middle of February. That was after she started to go around holding her chest, her face all contorted with pain, saying things like: It's worse now than when I started. Then, I had arthritis in my thumbs, and now I've got it in every joint in my body, and my heart is just a-pounding, and my chest hurts, and I'm not going to make it.

She had depression to the point of suicide. She went out one day for a walk - the doctor said she ought to be on a fitness program - after she spent most of the first summer in bed, or near bed; and all she could think of was stepping out in front of a car so she could end all this pain. But the only thing that saved her that day was that every car that came by was driven by somebody she happened to know. After that we didn't let her walk out by herself. But she's well over that now - last winter she did a little bit of knitting - that's all we have time for. For she does work - she works every day, and she works in a sawmill. It's too hard for her - we know it is - but we're doing it; and she's able to function - I would say at least 80% - now [in 1994].

I was telling you these treatments started slow; we kept adding time with each treatment, and we did get Jean up to 25 minutes; and I feel that's a little bit too long: we were going about three minutes to a position, we'll say, on your hands, a hand on each side of the coil, three minutes with equal sets, because you keep putting the same treatment on each hand. We were staying away from her chest because we were so afraid that we could get in there and kill so many of these Lyme bugs so fast we could give her heart trouble, or whatever, and we didn't really need that. So we stayed away from the chest, actually, I think, too long. We should have done this much sooner, because we had all of her arthritis taken care of: she was basically symptom-free, but she said it was still on her brain somewhat - she was having a little trouble with memory, but it was a lot less than it had been.

When we started treating her chest for the first time, I only put the coil on her for 10 seconds, and I know 10 seconds isn't going to do much; but we were afraid to go any longer. Apparently what we did was scatter bugs throughout her system again. She had aches and pains all over again where we had had them knocked out, and she had them in her knees where she never had trouble before. Now we've got that pretty well down: we're up to the point now where we add 10 seconds per treatment, and we've got her so they're lasting a minute on her chest. And I feel we're getting to the point now where we're starting to do something.

And we've finally cut the time back to two minutes per position, and now we're up to 16-18 minutes - something like that - for a total time. And I think 15 minutes would be a pretty good ball-park figure to us.

Editorial note: In 1997 they were up to 50 minutes of treatment at 3 min. per position. The treatment frequencies currently used: 432 - 33 minutes, 800 - 12 minutes, 465 - 12 minutes, (yeast) 1064 - 6 minutes. The treatment areas are: back of neck, both sides of jaw (Lyme TMJ), both breasts, abdomen, both hips, both elbows, both wrists, both knees, both ankles, and usually her forehead. Frequencies are often rotated from one position to another on alternate treatments.

As I was saying, we figure that my wife is at least 80% cured now, and she has not taken antibiotics since February. The day she did the first treatment, she stopped her antibiotics and stayed off them. And that alone is quite a relief. Jean says, if she never gets any better than she is now, she can handle this, as long as the machine is available. If she has to treat for the rest of her life, we are saying that she could be happy. As sick as she was, as functional as she is now. she can live with this. And she does still take some Tylenol.

Editorial note: This was Jean's state in 1994; in 1997 she is nearly at 100%, and she no longer has any Herxheimer reactions to the machine.

Dan Responds to Treatment

I've had Lyme disease myself: I feel that I am cured. I've gone two months without a treatment, and when I did do a treatment, I didn't get any reaction. I'm probably going to go three or four months this time, and see if I get any reaction from it. And my weight has gone back to normal - I'm still big enough.

Side-Effects of Treatments

You have to start slow, because you do get a reaction - a Herxheimer - every treatment. And people - some people don't get a Herxheimer, and I don't know why. Apparently there are as many strains of the Lyme bug around - maybe they are using the wrong frequency, maybe too little a power, or too short a time. I don't know what the trouble is - the ones that I've heard of, that I haven't helped treat themselves.

I was told last night by Jean that a total of 467 treatments have been run on ourselves and other people, different treatments for different ailments. And as far as these Lyme treatments are concerned, we started off very slowly - with about a minute and a half of treatment; and Jean did get a little bit of a reaction to it - in the matter of a couple of days she had diarrhea - and on the night of the treatment she had weird dreams - her dreams that night were like running a video tape in fast forward. She gets these just about every time she treats herself.

Part of this Herxheimer reaction is diarrhea, because the machine is apparently killing some of the bugs - I'm not saying it's killing them all, but it is killing some of them. The dead bugs in your bloodstream give off toxins... and you release them as diarrhea.

And when this is going on, you can have arthritis pains, any symptom of Lyme disease, whether you've had it before or not. Some people have minimal Herxheimer's; with some people it's quite violent - you want to be a little bit careful. Now this is one reason we started slow: you have to find out how you will react, before you get into this a little bit harder. There's no point in making yourself that sick. You start off a little bit easy: if you don't have bad reactions, add on with each treatment. You can do the first treatment a couple of minutes, and if you are deathly sick to begin with, maybe you ought to lower that to one minute or something. If you don't react too violently during the first week - and most people don't - you could do the second treatment one week later.

We use a two-week treatment rotation: do not treat yourself any oftener. The people on the West Coast - they treat themselves once a month. They do get some very serious Herxheimers - I don't know if they have a different strain of Lyme - I don't know if it's because they are treating themselves once a month - I don't know just what it is. All I do know, I have talked with quite a few people who have had some bad Herxheimers. We are getting milder reactions, because, I think, we are treating every two weeks. I can be wrong, but we're not going down between treatments at all - we're not giving the bug time to recoup. Now, they claim that they have reactions, even as much as four weeks after their treatment. And I'm not saying they don't.

We have reactions two weeks after a treatment, but there are also days when I give my wife a treatment, and she has had a case of diarrhea the same morning. Most of this diarrhea is not anything that you have got to be too concerned about: it is not explosive. Sometimes she will go and sit on the toilet and urinate or something, and she will have diarrhea. It's something that you can control, to a point. She's not had any bad problems or accidents. And, hopefully, you won't either. The only thing that you can say is that when you are unloading a case of this diarrhea, you are dumping a bunch of toxins and a bunch of dead bugs. As long as that continues to happen, keep using the machine, and you will start gaining and you will keep gaining.

Hemorrhoids With Tumor Treatment

Okay, that's the cancer thing. You treat that, according to Mr. Rife's book, your should treat yourself every three days. And when my sister was treating herself, she was doing it every three days, very faithful, and she developed a hemorrhoid; she had never had a hemorrhoid in her life; and we don't have any idea what caused this, why, of any sort, except she did develop a very serious hemorrhoid; and after another treatment, the hemorrhoid broke, and she had some blood, maybe a tablespoonful or so. It was not a clot - it was dark in color. I didn't see any of it - my mother did. She said that it appeared to have had a cellular structure. I have no idea what this was: I don't know why it would break. After it broke, she healed, and she gave herself another treatment, and on the third day she got another, small hemorrhoid. However, that one was okay; it took care of itself. And she changed and she treated after that on the fourth day, and she's never had another problem. T have no idea what this hemorrhoid was over - whether it was over-treating, whether it was caused, somehow or other, by a cancer. I don't know what she did - I have no idea. But I do know that when she went from three days to four days, she had no more hemorrhoid trouble.

This might be something you'd want to watch out for. However, I understand "Jane Smith" (more on her below) was doing her treatments about every two days, and she's had no problem. Of course, she did not have a tumor in her breast but she had a skin type cancer.

Weight Gain or Loss

Most people with LD (Lyme disease) either put on weight or lose weight, depending on where your Lyme is. If you have it in your gastric system it pretty much curtails your eating habits, and if not, especially if taking antibiotics: this can put weight on you, or cause you to put on weight. This is not what any doctor will tell you: this is my own theory: nobody has told me this, it is what we have found ourselves. Apparently the electro-magnetic machine somehow activates your immune system.

Editorial note: Antibiotics are used in animal husbandry to help fatten cattle.

Machine Treatment for Breast Tumor

With this I move on to my sister: more than two years ago she had a mammogram - her employment with the state requires one every two years. At that time everything was fine. But this past spring her mammogram disclosed two tumors. And an ultra-sound confirmed them, one about the size of a pea and another, behind it, about the size of a quarter. At the time of the mammogram I had asked the doctor if she could have a little time before surgery or whatever (was it dangerous to wait?) so we could try the machine and see what happened.

Well, as it was, after the ultra-sound the guy said, "I don't want to see you for another three months." So I figured that was just about the right time to treat. She started in - the first coil I wound was a real quickie deal - quite low-power. She did go on to a better coil - she got up to full strength. And everything worked fine, and she treated herself for about 35 treatments, and they wouldn't take her back in for another mammogram for another additional three months - three months with, and three months without treatment - she went back in. And the mammogram showed that she still had the same two tumors, but they had not grown; there is nothing changed. And I don't know what is going on; we are still interested in having her treat herself some more, but I can't quite convince her to do it. She is sure that she is all set. It's hard to calculate what to expect from these tumors because we don't know when they started growing: they may have started the day after the first mammogram, or a year or more afterward. I will tell you about the treatment: the treatment itself is totally painless. You put the coil up there, you put the power on... The first treatment, I asked her if she felt anything... "No... Well, yes, it feels a little bit warm - but just in one little spot." she said. And so she kept on treating it. I am told that she might feel a vibration, or something similar to this. I asked her, but "No."

Well, about the time she got done she says: "I can feel an energy. It's a weird feeling - it feels like it's breaking up in there."

Well, this scared me a little bit. So I called a woman that I had known out in the West that had done this. She said, "Oh, yes, I know that feeling well. I told my husband it was exploding in there. You are doing all right." Okay. A couple of hours after this my sister called me up - she had gone home - said, "My right arm hurts so bad I can barely raise my arm - all the way from my elbow to my shoulder. It's awful." she said, "The pain's terrible, and it hurts all the way up to under my chin."

I nearly had heart failure. I said, "This is lymph nodes.", I got on the phone, and my Western contact says, "Yep, I can tell you about that: this pain is terrible. I know that pain very well: you'll get it every time you do a treatment. The parts you're killing of this tumor are getting into the Iymph glands, and it's very painful."

Well, at any rate my sister did find out that magnets on the arm would hold this pain down a little bit. At about the 25th treatment, the pain went away and did not ever return. With this three-minute treatment, she was treating herself about every three days with no pain, no reaction, no feeling of warmth any more, no symptom whatsoever. She continued it until she got to 35 treatments. We are getting her to treat herself a little bit whenever we can get her here.

Editorial note: We heard from Dan in April 1995 that his sister's situation was still satisfactory.

Skin Cancer Goes Away

Now we have a story about a woman in Manhattan named "Jane Smith" - and this story is pretty good. She has Lyme disease, and also had skin cancer on the little finger of the right hand, and somewhere on her chest. In June 1993 she was infected with Lyme. She got sick in October of 1993, and was diagnosed and put on antibiotics in January of 1994. At about this time somebody told her about us, and she called me, and I told her what we were doing was getting the machine together, and made arrangement to bring parts to her. Her doctor had put her on six thousand milligrams of amoxicillin - not right off the bat, but they did work up to it. And I told her that that was about enough to kill anybody.

And she stayed with it. And, to be honest with you, my opinion, as a non-doctor - don't get me wrong - I'm not telling you what to do, or anything like this: I am not a doctor. But as for antibiotics, they do seem to help the symptoms - I mean, Lyme disease - but in the end I think they drive it deeper into your system. This is what we found with my wife.

"Jane Smith", after being treated for some six months on this higher dose of amoxicillin, at first plateaued, and then started going down. Well, it was shortly after this that we got the machine work. She also wanted some coils that would treat cancer - I took care of that, at around the end of August. She had spent the entire summer in her apartment, primarily in bed; and as of the last several weeks, now, she has been going out of the apartment for at least once a day - for a short time, a half an hour or so - and occasionally she's out twice a day. She is getting back into mobility. She claims that the Lyme symptoms are abating - it's a slow process - anybody that wants a quick cure had better find something else - this thing takes quite a while.

But the main thing I want to talk about is this cancer on her finger. At that time I guess she had some on her other hand too. She was using magnets... it cleared it up (the smaller patch). The other did not seem to be going away, and she said the magnet hurt. And she had the lesion on her chest, also diagnosed as skin cancer of some sort by her doctor. She has had some of it taken off years before. When she was a little younger, she used to go out sunbathing. and that's apparently how she got it.

As she was treating with the machine, she was using a fairly mild dose on it, and it did not go down. She found out that she was wearing the magnets too much on her finger, and it burned on her finger and was causing a rash also. So she stopped wearing the magnets, but continued on the machine. And she said it started looking better. And she told me she was not doing great with her finger, and I told her to add another frequency - 2008, along with the 2127, which she did. A week after that it was still waxing and waning, it would look better after a treatment, and by the next treatment it was back, growing in size again. She told me then that she was treating for a minute and a half on each frequency, and I told her to go up to three minutes on each frequency, and to turn up the power a little higher. Then she called me back three or four days ago, quite happy. She said that after the treatment that morning, the tumorous cancer cell - whatever you want to call it - rash-type thing - felt completely different-had a crusty feel to it. Sometime after that the edges started pulling away and it fell off her finger. There was fresh new skin under it - it looked completely like normal skin.

When she looked on her chest, that one was gone too. So needless to say, "Jane Smith" is pretty happy. [As of April 1995 Jane Smith had experienced no recurrence of her skin cancer.]

Various Moles Disappear

Case #1: One of the fellows who was coming here with arthritis, had a whole series of moles on his neck and back - he was an older fellow, fought in World War II, where he got the moles. And after he had done several treatments on his shoulders for arthritis and bursitis, these moles, they changed texture somewhat or else they would itch, and while he was washing or scratching they fell off. I didn't see them - he claims he had as many as 15 moles on his back at his collar line, four large ones under his arm, which he treated. These were raised, dark, brownish, nearly the size of a pea. And they all fell off.

Case #2: "Jane Doe" (previously mentioned) had some small black specks or spots on her leg, midway between her hip and her knee; and she was treating both her hip and her knee at the time with the Lyme frequency. And these were not raised moles - they were black and under the skin. She said that they would develop an itch and then fall off. She said that they had been there all her life, or nearly. We don't know why they disappeared; the only thing I can believe is that the machine not only kills the Lyme bugs, but that it is activating your own immune system, and you are doing something with your own body - you reject these things.


I know two people who didn't respond whatsoever to treatments, and one of them was in very bad condition, a woman who had been in a wheel chair for eight years. Originally she had been bit, apparently by a tick, and she got a rash on her right eye and developed a case of the flu. She had a high fever and at that time she lost all sense of balance; she had double vision and her speech became very slurred. She could not button her buttons: her hands would not work with small objects. Her lack of balance kept her in a wheel chair. The insurance companies, according to her, spent $250,000 on treating and doctors, and then shut her off on funds. She had been on experimental drugs - all kinds of things.

She was a nice-looking girl, 35 years old, but her husband divorced her because of the illness. She lived quite a ways from me: she only came three times and treated herself three times. I came to feel the third one would have done something if she had had Lyme. But I don't know if some of these experimental drugs gave her problems - I have no idea what happened. And she since has moved away - a couple of thousand miles, so there's no way I could do anything. Since she was last here, I have found other frequencies; and I would really like for her to try something a little different. There's hope there, but I guess it's beyond me now. I hope that someone, wherever she moved to, has got a machine.

Second case: I have one fellow that has MS, that has been treating himself using our machine - I'm sorry to say that the treatments haven't been able to do any good: they haven't done any harm, but it doesn't seem to be doing anything, and I don't know what frequency it is, whether the electro-magnetic machine can be used to help him or not. He's been in a wheel chair for many years now - nearly 20 years - and whether or not he can get himself out I don't know. But I do take a machine to his place, and that's one reason I keep one that is more or less portable.

Arthritis Treatments

Our experience with arthritis: We started it with my mother, who had it in her wrist and hands. At that time we had no idea what frequency she should use use for arthritis. With Lyme disease, a 431 frequency seemed to work well; and so Mom was putting a little 432 on her hand. Since I had no idea whether she had Lyme or not, the first treatments were quite short - about one minute on each hand, or between her hands; and within 20 minutes she was pain-free, and it just completely stopped all of her pain for over a week.

I recommend that anybody that is going to use this for arthritis start off with a short treatment and  keep it up if you get a Herxheimer-type reaction. If not, then you can treat it a little longer. I do not recommend anyone treating themselves over three minutes in any one position. On several people who tried the short self-treatment approach, it gave them absolute freedom from pain for two weeks. A couple of people have come very faithfully every week, put three minutes on a couple of different positions, and their arthritis was gone for months. It has not come back yet. Some of them are still treating themselves once a week. I don't know whether this will ever get to a point where it will stop the arthritis - we've only been running with this type of a machine since February, and all I can say is, "This baby works."

General Offer of Help

Editorial note: If you want to get in touch with Dan, send email to me and ask me if his offer still stands. Note that he is now helping people with a device known as the EMEM2, which is much less expensive to build (costing only a few hundred US dollars) than the EMEM. You can find out more about the EMEM2 on my Alternative Health web-page.

My time is your time, in the evening, or any time like that. I am very willing to help all I can, and I certainly hope I don't confuse anybody.

The only thing: If you do put the machine together, you have to remember to be patient and not overtreat. No one that I know of as yet has had any problems, and I think probably if you did have Lyme disease and overtreated, you could very well make yourself awful sick, and that's not making yourself better. You have to give yourself time to flush these toxins out of your system, kill off these bugs, or you'll go through the thing all over again. You have to be patient. If you have the machine sitting here, be sure to treat yourself not more than once every two weeks. Out West, they recommend once a month. Now this you have to decide on your own. We are treating ourselves every two weeks, with good results.

I am completely willing to talk to anybody about this, coach, help, advise, whatever I can do, encourage. And, like I say, I'm not a doctor. I can't tell you to go against your doctor's orders. You have to make up your own mind whether this will work for you or not. And it does work - believe me, it actually saved my wife's life.

The doctor did this first because, the one we went to, it was a 5-hour trip. Without him to sustain her life until we got this machine going, I don't think she would have made it. The first doctor was going to give her 21 days, have her take another Lyme test then if it come back negative, then she was cured, and she would have been done. We now know that if she had taken a week of antibiotics, she would have got a negative Lyme test anyway because the bug would have holed up in her spinal cord, her brain; it would not have been in the bloodstream, or the titer; it would not have been going up, so it would have been a negative test; and she would have been right back into it.

So our doctors - some of them know - the doctor that we went to has been monitoring us and the machine. He is amazed at the progress that we have made, and how well the machine works. Of course, he says, it's nothing he can use: his hands are tied by the Medical Association and the FDA. Maybe this thing will make it through there: I don't know. In a way, I hope it doesn't, because what we are looking at would be a medical tool for practicing medicine, and as it is, I am playing with coils on a big amplifier, and some people are holding it up to them. And the ones that are doing it do seem to be gaining.

And all I can say is: I'm awful glad God gave me this information. Thank you very much.