Health - Body - Oppressive Disease! Possible Hope?

There are some common diseases that plague our nation. Is there a possible cure for some of them? Let's look at some encouraging possibilities.

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 Fun Stuff
 •  "Clueless"  Medical Terms
 •  "Fascinating Facts"  about the Human Body
 General Body Information
  Our Bodies:  Primarily Chemical or Electrical?
  Body Chemistry 
  Eat Right  for your Blood Type
  Metabolic Disorders 
 •  Blood Type:  Any Significance?
 •  DNA Research  Electric Genes communicate across DNA
 •  Genome Sequencing  Unused DNA may be "commented out"
 •  Hormones  No Fountain of Youth
 •  The Gift of Pain  Friend or Foe? A Gift No One Wants?
 Keep your Immune System healthy
 •  Dr. Day  Immune Plan
 •  The Olive Tree:  Original Tree of Life?
 •  Auto-Immune Disease  A New Lead (PDF)
 •  Candida  a general discussion
Bacteria, Viral, and Fungal Infections
 •  Cranberries  and Bladder Infections
 Chronic Fatigue, Fibromyalgia
 •  Understanding  Fibromyalgia
 •  Chronic Fatigue:  Fibromyalgia, Thyroid - connected?
 •  Downhill Syndrome;  Chronic Fatigue connected?
 •  Allergy  Testing and Clearing
 •  Allergy  Trigger Foods
 •  Allergy  Emotionally based
 •  The AIDS Virus:  Matter or Metaphor?
 •  AIDS / HIV  Background letter
 •  AIDS Origin  Transcript
 •  AIDS Researcher  More stuff
 •  The Beck Zapper:  Renewed Hope Against AIDS
 •  Super Thumpy  A variation on Bob Beck's machine
 •  The Forty Year Legacy  of Tainted Polio Vaccine
 •  Chronic Fatigue:  Polio by another name?
 •  Candidiasis  a general discussion
 •  Cetyl Myristoleate  possible help for arthritis
 •  Vermiculite  - Miracle Medicine
Biting Insects, etc.
 •  Buhach  Clear the Area of Insects
 •  Ground Wasp Sting  Homeopathic Remedy
 •  Lyme Disease:  Treated with Bee Venom
 •  Brown Recluse Spiders  Beware!
 •  Shock Cure  for Snakebite
 •  Snake Bite Remedy  (Tongue in Cheek)