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Imagine not needing pain killers. One "Unique Protection Program" can do the job There's now over one thousand medical professionals recommending the Unique Protection Program for anyone with ANY TYPE of arthritis. For a variety of reasons, wonderful and effective new health discoveries often don't show up nation wide in the medical community until 10 - 15 years after they happen.

Cetyl Myristoleate (see-till meer-ist-o-lee-ate) is a fatty acid which naturally occurs in a few species of mammals, including mice, sperm whales, and beavers. In the 1970's, a curious scientific researcher noticed that a certain type of mouse never gets arthritis. He concluded that there may be some sort of 'arthritis protective factor' in these mice, which prevents them from getting arthritis (and certain other diseases). So, a private research project was begun. After several lengthy attempts, this 'arthritis protective factor' was successfully isolated -- Cetyl Myristoleate.

To test it, Cetyl Myristoleate was injected into laboratory rats, who were then injected with an irritating substance which causes them to develop generalized arthritis in their joints. Two groups of rats were used; both received the arthritis-producing substance, and half received Cetyl Myristoleate -- what was hoped to be the 'arthritis protective factor'. None of the rats who received the Cetyl Myristoleate in addition to the arthritis-causing injection showed any traces of arthritis! But all of the rats which received only the arthritis causing injection did develop severe arthritis. In every instance, Cetyl Myristoleate actually protected the rats from developing arthritis. They became, in a sense, 'immune' to arthritis. Even in instances in which arthritis had already started to develop, the Cetyl Myristoleate prevented it from advancing, once it was administered. What was also exciting is that this 'arthritis protective factor' is non-toxic, because it is a natural fatty acid. (A 'fatty acid' is a chemical compound like that found in other non-toxic substances such as: butter, cooking oils, paraffin wax, etc.)

For the past few years, Cetyl Myristoleate has only been available to a very small group of people -- mostly doctors, who have, (sometimes out of desperation) tried it on themselves, their loved ones, and a few select patients. People began reporting that it helped them with osteoarthritis, and with rheumatoid arthritis. Others said that it had helped them with the symptoms of lupus. People with various kinds of liver diseases said they seemed to be recovering. And even some folks who had cancer said that they were improving! Unfortunately, the news of this natural product has been, in a sense, kept secret from the public. It was only available to a very small number of people...until now. Now, Cetyl Myristoleate is available to the public, in a 'Unique Protection Program'.

The following are summaries of testimonials of individuals who have taken a natural product called Unique Protection, containing Cetyl Myristoleate as active ingredient. These testimonials are presented for informational purposes only. No claims or promises of health benefits, nor rendering of medical recommendations or treatment are intended, nor should they be implied by these testimonials.

An 82 year old woman complained that she had not had a pain-free day for the past several years. Pain in her shoulders, hips and back were constant. She said that pain prevented her from sleeping more than 2 hours at a time. She only averaged 3 to 4 hours of sleep per night, because of the pain, and was constantly fatigued. The pain in her left shoulder was so bad that she would cry if she moved it in certain positions. She said that she had "given up on taking any medicine for it, because it didn't help at all, and just upset [her] stomach." She said that going up and down stairs was very painful. There was very little strength left in her hands, and she could not hold a pen to write without having pain. By the end of the third day of taking the Unique Protection Program, she was "able to sleep the whole night through." (She was timid about talking about the success, because she is superstitious, and was afraid the pain might come back if she talked about it!) After a few more days, she said that she has "no pain anywhere, and [her] knees even work." "I can write a letter now, without pain," she also said. She said that she felt so good within a few days that she had a tendency to 'over-do' for the first few days after the pain was gone. She says she has "done things I haven't been able to do for years." She can drive comfortably, and go to church and sit comfortably. She can take walks around her yard. She is now sleeping an average of 6 to 7 hours every night.

A middle aged woman complained of constant muscle and joint aches throughout almost all of her body. She said that the "aching and pain [kept her] miserable all day long." On average, she took 8 to 10 asprin or other over-the-counter pain relievers every day. She reported that the pills "dulled the pain, but it never went away." She had difficulty taking deep breaths, and complained of "getting winded real easily." After taking (Cetyl Myristoleate) she "stopped taking any pain pills, except for once in a great while." She also said she "can breathe easier, and can go up the basement stairs without running out of air." While on vacation, she said that she was even able to sleep on the ground in a sleeping bag without arthritic or muscle pain! "I was in a wheel-chair most of the time because of the severe arthritis. At age 45, I was constantly miserable with pain. Most mornings, I had gotten so bad that I could not get out of bed myself. I tried to do some light exercises, to help myself -- but my hands had gotten so bad that I couldn't close my fingers all the way into a fist, and I couldn't hold onto anything that weighed more than several ounces. After taking the product for just three days, I could tell a major improvement. Within three weeks, my arthritis went into remission. I can use my hands normally again, and I go walking by myself every day! The pain is gone, and has not come back."

A 32-year old man was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis at age 25. For 7 years he suffered with pain and swelling in the joints of his hands, shoulders, hips, knees and ankles. After taking the product for 2 weeks, his arthritis went into total remission! He has been able to enjoy golfing and skiing without pain!

The wife of a doctor had suffered for two years with osteoporosis in the lower and upper part of her back and neck, plus arthritis in her hands. She had been diagnosed and treated by a specialist, with no relief of the terrible pain. She began to take Cetyl Myristoleate. After 2 days, she said that her hands no longer hurt; after 3 weeks, her neck pain stopped; after 6 weeks, her back pain was gone. She is very happy to be free of the pain of osteoporosis. (She also reported that her high bloodpressure, which she had had for years, dropped to normal.) "I had to have three surgeries on my knee. The last one was about 15 years ago. Every day I had to take about a dozen aspirins or ibuprofens to 'take the edge off' of the pain. I never slept soundly because the pain would wake me up. Many nights I had to spend dozing in the recliner. The evening of the first day that I took the capsules, I slept soundly through the night (something I had not been able to do for years). The next morning, when I woke up, I had absolutely no knee pain for the first time in years!"

A Medical Doctor had arthritic pain and stiffness progressively develop in both hands over a period of several years. The arthritis had worsened to the point of interfering with his ability to perform surgery. Within 24 hour of taking Cetyl Myristoleate, he noticed that the pain was gone, and that his dexterity had already improved! A farmer in the mid west developed rheumatoid arthritis which affected his hands, knees, and temporomandibular (jaw) joint. He had constant pain, which was progressively getting worse. He had become unable to climb on and off his farm equipment. In addition to the jaw pain, he had severe swelling on one side of his face. He took Cetyl Myristoleate capsules for 3 days and noticed tremendous improvement in the swelling in his face and reduction of pain in his joints. Within 3 weeks, he had no more abnormal swelling and had no joint pains except for mild aching in one hand where the cartilage had completely deteriorated from the arthritis.

A doctor's wife in Kentucky reported that she had severe shoulder pain for several years. Her husband gave her cortisone shots on three separate occasions, but her relief from the pain lasted only about 2 weeks after each injection. Only two days after taking the Cetyl Myristoleate product, she reported that she was pain free! She says that she is thrilled to be able to do simple chores in the house without pain. "My knees have always been a problem ever since I got hit by a car when I was eight years old. They weren't too bad at first but when I reached 25 and put on a little weight they kept getting worse every year. I'm only 38 now but I've felt like an old lady for the past ten years. Now I can't believe I went dancing! I haven't been able to do that in eight years! I was on my feet, jumping up and down, often on tip-toe, for three hours at a rock concert! In heels, yet! (I haven't been able to wear heels for six years.) Unbelievable! Who would have believed that just 100 capsules could do this for me? I swear, it's a miracle!"

Frequently Asked Questions...

Is Cetyl Myristoleate approved by the FDA? This is a commonly asked question, and it requires a few sentences to answer. The FDA does not 'approve' natural substances. Cetyl Myristoleate is neither approved nor disapproved by the FDA. The FDA is mainly in the business of 'approving' pharmaceutical drugs.

How Does It Work? At present, the exact manner in which Cetyl Myristoleate works is unknown. Limited laboratory studies done with rats, combined with the many testimonials of patients who experienced remission of a diversity of health problems, combine to suggest that there is a very powerful positive effect on the immune system, as well as on function of the liver. Clinical studies suggest that the product enhances the part of the immune system known as immunoglobulins. There also seems to be an enhancement of the good prostaglandins, which are chemicals within the body that naturally reduce pain and swelling. Although the specific pathways of action are yet unknown, anecdotal evidence, and preliminary clinical trials have repeatedly confirmed that it does, indeed, have a very positive effect on the health of the majority of those people who have taken it.

Are There Any Side Affects? Although used by thousands of people over the past few years, there have been no reported cases of any adverse side affects from taking this unique product. In studies with rats, there were no adverse effects discovered, even when they were given massive amounts of Cetyl Myristoleate per body weight. Cetyl Myristoleate is an essential useful oil; it is well documented that oil which is not useful to the body is naturally eliminated.

Is This a Natural Product? Where Does it Come From? Cetyl Myristoleate is a fatty acid/oil which occurs in nature. Although Cetyl Myristoleate was originally extracted from mice, that method is no longer used. Cetyl Myristoleate has been successfully synthesized in the laboratory through a series of very complex (and costly) chemical processes. One of the natural 'building-blocks' that can be used to synthesize the fatty acid component in Cetyl Myristoleate is common butter from cow's milk. (No mouse or beaver extracts are used!)

Is It Safe to Take While Taking Medications? The Unique Protection Program is based on the essential oil - Cetyl Myristoleate. In a very general sense, it is the equivalent of taking a tiny amount of any other food-quality oil into your body. In a broad manner of speaking, Cetyl Myristoleate is no more likely to interact with a medication than eating a pat of butter on a baked potato. HOWEVER, you should ask your doctor for his or her opinion on this question. We do not presume to offer medical advice.

How Long Does A Person Need To Take It? Cetyl Myristoleate is a non-prescription natural dietary supplement. As such, the individual user decides how much and how often to take the product. The people whose testimonials you have read have taken the average equivalent of 100 capsules of the product. Then, because their symptoms improved so dramatically, they discontinued taking it. Most people take 3 capsules, on an empty stomach, twice per day, for 7 days; then they discontinue taking it for a week; then resume taking 3 capsules twice per day for another 7 days. This will leave 16 capsules to be used as a backup, in event of an injury.

Is It Safe For Children With Arthritis to Take? Because the active ingredient in Cetyl Myristoleate is a natural, non-toxic fatty acid (oil), it is safe for children to take. There have been no adverse effects reported when used according to directions, by either children or adults.

What Is the Shelf Life? Do I Need To Refrigerate It? The shelf life of the product is indefinite. The active ingredient is completely stable at normal room temperatures, and does not need to be refrigerated. Warm temperatures will not cause it to degenerate.

Why Should Caffeine and Alcohol Be Avoided While Taking Unique Protection? Laboratory studies show that Cetyl Myristoleate tends to be stored in the liver. (Remember that it is non-toxic, and does not harm the liver.) Any chemical substances which have the potential of irritating the liver (including caffeine, alcohol, aspartame [NutraSweet (TM)], etc.) may block some (or all) of the potential benefits. It has been noticed that, in clinical trials, people who are heavy consumers of alcohol and/or caffeine are the least likely to experience benefit from taking the product. So, for best results, avoid those substances while taking Unique Protection.

Technical Information Cetyl Myristoleate: An Apparent Protective Agent Against Arthritis

ABSTRACT: Cetyl Myristoleate was isolated from National Institute of Health general purpose Swiss albino mice that were immune to the polyarthritis induced in rats with Freund's adjuvant. This substance or material synthesized from cetyl alcohol and myristoleic acid afforded good protection against adjuvant-induced arthritic states in rats. Repeated attempts to induce polyarthritis in National Institute of Health (NIH) general purpose Swiss albino mice by subcutaneous administration of Freund's adjuvant (heat-killed, desiccated Mycobacterium Butyrieum), to which rats and other rodents are susceptible, was unsuccessful. These failures prompted a search for a substance in these mice that might confer immunity to artificially induced generalized arthritis. The putative "protective factor", Cetyl Myristoleate, was extracted from Swiss albino mice. The only other report of Cetyl Myristoleate in nature is its occurrence as one component in a complex mixture of waxes in male beavers. Fatty acid esters are also known to occur in whale oil. A group of 10 male rats were each injected with Cetyl Myristoleate. Forty-eight hours later, the same rats were inoculated with Freund's adjuvant. A control group of nine rats received only Freund's adjuvant. Both groups were observed for a total of 58 days, with respect to weight change, hind and front leg swelling, and general well-being. Rats treated with Cetyl Myristoleate exhibited no swelling of the joints in the hind or front legs. Untreated (control) rats all exhibited swelling of the joints of the hind legs, and in the front paws. These rats gained only an average of 14g each during a 32-day period of observation, and were lethargic and morbid. Those receiving Cetyl Myristoleate gained an average of 80g each in the same 32-day period. Cetyl Myristoleate gave virtually complete protection against adjuvant-induced arthritis in rats. "Cetyl Myristoleate Isolated from Swiss Albino Mice: An Apparent Protective Agent Against Adjuvant Arthritis in Rats", Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences, March 1994, 89:295-298. Recent Clinical Studies

ABSTRACT: 'Unique Protection Program' is the trade name for cis-9-myristoleate, a natural wax ester. It is commercially available as a formulation encapsulated for oral administration. It is of clinical interest, because it is completely non-toxic, even in high dosages. Administration for several days or weeks, in most cases, induces a complete or partial remission of both rheumatoid arthritis (RA) and osteoarthritis (OA). Although use in humans has spanned many years, it was previously available only in a crude preparation. A self-selected symptomatic group of 42 rheumatoid arthritis patients (9 male and 33 female) of moderate severity were instructed to take four capsules of the product per day until realizing substantial improvement. All other arthritis or pain medications were disallowed. Twenty-two of the patients reported most of their pain and inflammation was gone in the first week. Ten more reported relief during the second week, and six reported benefit the third week. Four reported no benefit. [Of those reporting no benefit, one, a 47-year old male, has a history of alcohol and steroid abuse, and indulges in a high-calorie, high-purine diet. Of the three non-responding females, two are siblings living in the same household.] All patients were advised to slowly increase exercise, as there was a strong tendency to over-use what had previously been problem joints. Independent Clinical Study performed by L. S. Macklas, MD.

ABSTRACT: A 59-year old sedentary female with a clinical history of mild osteoarthritis in the cervical spine and moderate chronic pulmonary disease was objectively evaluated prior to beginning the product known as Cetyl Myristoleate, and again 10 days later. She was suffering no acute illness or infection at the beginning of the trial. She was instructed to take one capsule of the product, twice per day, on an empty stomach, until she noticed symptomatic improvement. Pharmaceuticals and other nutritional supplements were disallowed during the trial period, as was exercise and any other type of treatment. She stopped taking the product at the end of the third day, having already noticed marked reduction in her sensation of neck stiffness, and complete resolution of the chronic aching. Pulmonary capacity and function were measured with a digital spirometer; FVC, FEV, FEV1%, and PEF were evaluated. Results were compared with standard expected spirometric values for other females of the same age and height. At the beginning of the study, her Forced Vital Capacity was 1.54 liters (50% of expected normal); FEV1% was also below optimal at 69.4% (expected is >79%); PEF was 84.7% of predicted. Ten days later, following administration of a very brief course of the Unique Protection Program product, these values had improved remarkably: FVC had increased by 7%; FEV1% improved to the normal value of 79.5% ; and PEF was normal, at 99.6% of predicted. Clinical Study performed by D. B. Clark, DC, DABCI Other clinical studies are currently under way with patients suffering from other symptoms and conditions.

NOTE: This document is not intended to provide diagnosis or prescribe for any health condition. This presentation is strictly informative only. No treatment should be undertaken without the supervision of a physician.

WHERE TO ORDER This source of Cetyl Mristoleate is in highly concentrated powder form, which creates maximum stabilization and further protects against high heat encountered when shipping in the summer months - a vital consideration. Canada orders shipped from Alberta USA orders shipped from Calif. Cetyl Myristoleate has just NOW been made easily-available to the public for the first time. No prescription is required, because this is a natural non-toxic substance. Pure Cetyl Myristoleate is the active ingredient in the 'Unique Protection Program' capsules, now available only through a network of independent representatives.

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