AIDS / HIV Background

Date: Wed, 7 Jul 1999
Subject: [RF]: Boyd Graves responds to Dave Gunti,  re: AIDS

Dear Mr. Giunti:

Vincent Gammill was kind enough to forward a copy of your recent discussion on the Rife List concerning the origin of the HIV enzyme.

My name is Boyd Graves and I am the Director for AIDS Concerns for the international foundation, Common Cause. I am also the lead plaintiff in a U.S. federal lawsuit seeking an apology and reparations for people with HIV and AIDS. It is our position that the laboratory origin of the HIV enzyme is SELF-EVIDENT in the government's sworn testimony of June 9, 1969 coupled with equally compelling and further incriminating testimony given on July 1, 1969. It does appear that you are not familiar with this 30 year old testimony.

There is no conspiracy associated with the HIV enzyme. It is a state-sanctioned stealth program designed to cull certain population groups. My question to you sir (and to everyone concerned about this issue) is: What is your level of knowledge with respect to the "progress reports" of the hidden federal program entitled "Special" Virus? The progress reports represent the data, experiments and contracts of a magnanimous collaboration to develop an immune suppressing reverse transcriptase "human" retrovirus. It is our position the people of the United States and indeed, the people of the world are entitled to a response from the government of the United States. The June and July, 1969 testimony coupled with the actual experiments and contracts of the "Special" Virus program supercede ANY argument to the contrary.

We need to harmonize our differences and work together to "keep the record straight". This is exactly what Dr. Donald MacArthur was doing on June 9, 1969 when he informed the Subcommittee for Appropriations that; to 'keep the record straight', the U.S. government had been conducting research on an "offensive" (population control) agent that would lead to world-wide scourge and black death type plague. Dr. MacArthur's admission was just a few short weeks after world scientists refused to attend the Fort Detrick Conference; "Entry and Control of Foreign Nucleic Acid". Have you viewed the Conference papers from this 1969 Conference? Additionally, have you viewed the schematic diagram for the "RESEARCH LOGIC FLOW" (located at page 61 of progress report #8 )1971) of the "Special" Virus program of the United States of America.

Will you assist in my efforts to have page 61 independently reviewed? Are you aware of Dr. Robert Gallo's 1985 paper that concludes there is an "identifiable" relationship between the HIV enzyme and the VISNA virus? Are you aware that Dr. Gallo reached a similar conclusion with respect to bovine leukemia virus? How do monkey, sheep and cow viruses combine to become a "human" virus but for the gene manipulation and recombinations of the "Special" Virus program of the United States of America?

Dr. Peter Piot, Executive Director of UN AIDS AGREES the HIV enzyme is the 'product of many steps in the laboratory'. 'It was no accident'.

Are you aware that Dr. Alan Cantwell states in his book; "Queer Blood: The Secret AIDS Genoicide Plot" that the "Special" Virus program produced 60,000 liters of an immune suppressing virus during 1976 and 1977. I mention this because it our position the HIV enzyme was attached to the small pox vaccinations that were sent to Central Africa, and the Hepatitis B (experimental) vaccine that was initially given to promiscuous homosexuals in Manhattan. 1083 men received the Hepatis B experimental vaccine from Merck Laboratories' BATCH #751. It is our position the U.S. Justice Department should release the percentage of infection rate for these thousand-plus men.

What does the U.S. Department of Justice have to do with "withholding information" as it might relate to the epidemiology of a new virus. It was very clever for the government to choose homosexuals for expenditure. However, it is consistent with the 1948 top secret memorandum that called for the development of some clever plan to stem the birth rate of certain African countries. Dr. Len Horowitz's book; "Emerging Viruses" is absolute on point.

The United States and the World Health Organization worked hand in hand in the creation, development and proliferation of the "Special" Virus, the HIV enzyme.

I look forward to your answers and our shared further understanding of the progress reports of the "Special" Virus program of the United States of America. By the way, many of the early alleged cases of AIDS have been disproven. Even still, the paper trail and public record reveal the "offensive" biological program officially began in 1957. There is no question that Dr. Robert Manaker and Dr. Carlton Gadjusek were studying 'reverese transcriptase' in the 1950's. The "hidden", formal program began in 1962. Monkeys were innoculated and re-released into the wilds of Africa. The United States owns a primate colony in what is now Uganda. Earlier this year, Japanese researchers proved that monkeys (non-human primates) were iatrogenically infected.

Finally, what is your level of knowledge with respect to the federal government's program of microbioinoculation. CIA Director Colby revealed one of the microbioinoculators at the 1975 Senate Select Committee Hearing.

Thank you for allowing people with HIV and AIOS to share our research and have our voice. I will begin to compile for you some of the many scientific references that accompany our position. Chief among the evidence is Dr. Robert Gallo's 1971 paper, "Reverse Transcriptase of Type C Virus Particles of Human Origin" (pg. 335, Progress Report #8, 1971). Dr. Gallo's 1971 paper is IDENTICAL to his 1984 definition of AIDS.

I look forward to your post and reply.


Boyd E. "Ed" Graves, Director-AIDS CONCERNS
The Common Cause Foundation
405-190 Mountain Street
Sudbury, Ontario
Canada P3B 4G2
216-382-9252 (U.S.)