Water, Food, Additives and Supplements

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 •  Chlorinated Water  - Cancer Risk?
 •  Fluoridated Water  - Pro and Cons

 •  Comfrey:  Its defense!
 •  Feverfew  for Headaches
 •  Green Tea  Anti-Cancer Activity
 •  How much salt   is enough?
 •  Olestra:   What is it?
 •  Olestra:   Side Effects
 •  Soy Concerns  History and Problems

Food Additives:
 •  Food Additive Resources 
 •  Calcium sulfate  Plaster of Paris in Bread?
 •  Dioxin in Beef 
 •  Dioxin's   by Robert Cathey

 •  Vitamine B-12  Without Formaldehyde and Mercury
 •  Pill Schedule Form  (PDF)

Good Fats and Bad Fats:
 •  Coconut Oil: In support of Good Health
 •  Canola Oil  Its problems!
 •  Hydrogenated Oils  Are you allergic to nickel?
 •  Grapeseed Oil  The Best there is!
 •  Is Margarine   better than Butter for you? (short version)
 •  Is Margarine   better than Butter for you? (extended information)

 •  Aspartame   Its problems!
 •  Stevia  a Safe Sweetener