Miscellany - Politically Correct - (NOT)

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 •  Political Science for Dummies
 •  America Today (What would the constitution writers think?)
 •  The Mightiest Nation A modern day parable
 •  How to Destroy America
 •  After America There is NO place to go
 •  Refresher on the 1930's
 •  Communist Manifesto and the American equivalent
 •  Declaration of Independence The "Document"
 •  The Wisdom of Thomas Jefferson
 •  Women Why we should Vote
 •  Voting Tips Voting is a worthwhile endeavor
 •  Social Security Its History
 •  Disinformation Twenty-Five Ways To Suppress Truth
 •  Pilot to TSA Where do we draw the line?
 •  Vietnam A Tribute
 •  545 Politicians vs 300,000,000 People
 •  Taxes and High Finance

 •  Theodore Roosevelt views on immigration in 1907
 •  An Experiment on Socialism
 •  Bill Cosby Discusses segments of Black America
 •  Islam as viewed by a Holocaust Survivor
 •  Can a Muslim be a good American?