Grow Your Own Garden

Why should people, especially believers, be interested in gardening? 
Hippocrates said it so well so many years ago: "Let your food be your medicine, and your medicine your food."
If we eat well, we may not need all those drugs and supplements.
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 •  Gardening   Thoughts and Inspiration
 •  Garden Remedies  Home Remedies for Garden Problems
 •  Saving Seeds  Hybrid vs. Non-hybrid / Pollination types
 •  Why Save Seed?  
 •  Earthworms:  Tiny Tillers
 •  Cover Crops  and Green Manures
 •  Potatoes   Plus other good tips
 •  Grow Your Own   (Food in general)
 •  Grow Your Own   (Jewish Seder Foodl)
 •  Hand Pollination  
 •  Easy to Grow Herbs  Some for Medicinal Use
 •  Herbs to Avoid  When certain conditions are a consideration
 •  Planting Guide  
 •  When to Harvest  
 •  Soil Nutrition  
 •  Trellises  
 •  Homeopathic Bio-Fertilizers  Good for Crops
 •  Pineapples  Nature's Healing Fruit

Sources for Organic Fertilizers and Amendments