I Am a Man

I am a man created in God's image,
Of Adam's race, now marred by pride and sin.
But through God's Son, Lord Jesus Christ my Savior,
I am a man who's now restored to Him.
The mighty God who made me has redeemed me;
Now I'm His man, for Jesus reigns within me.

I am a man appointed by my Savior
To show His love in all I do and say.
His Holy Spirit is my source of power,
To live in light and point to Christ the Way.
Lord fill me now and help me seize the moment
And as Your man, I'll serve your cause today.

I'll be a man who walks with God in worship;
I'll be a man who walks with men as friend.
I'll be man who loves and serves his family;
I'll be a man on whom God can depend.
Lord Jesus Christ, my King and my Commander,
I'll be your man until my life shall end.

The author of this hymn was Jack Hayford.
The musical contribution is from Jean Sibelius.

The scriptural foundation for this hymn comes from Colossians 3:10.
Ye have put on the newman, in the image of Him that created him.

This hymn was copyrighted in 1994 by Anna-Marie Music.
The music was copyrighted by Breitkopf and Harrell, Wiesbaden.