Happy Mother's Day!

By Kerry Marsala

My mother never wore Christian Dior,
But she was always clothed in righteousness.

My mother never wrote a novel,
But she read to me everyday from the Gospel.

My mother was never a great poet,
But she always recited Psalms 23.

My mother never was a gourmet cook,
But she always shared what was in the pot with others.

The home my mother kept was never a castle,
But my mother always treated my father like he was the king.

My mother was never a great Opera singer,
But she always sang to me "Amazing Grace."

My mother never won the Nobel Peace Prize,
But she did well all the days of her life.

My mother never had a crystal chandelier,
But she was always a light unto the world.

My mother never had a manicure,
But she always stretched out her hands to care for the poor.

My mother never joined Toast Masters,
But she always had pearls of wisdom.

My mother was never a raving beauty,
But she beamed with the love for our Lord.

My mother never could take us to Disneyland,
But she had shown me the only place to find true happiness

My mother showed me Heaven!

Kerry Marsala 2003 copyrighted