Miscellany - Seasonal

Interesting articles about holidays and other special occasions.

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New Years Day (January 1)
 •  Happy New Year  Picture Album
Easter (Varies, March-April)
 •  He Is Not Here   He is Risen, Just as He said.
 •  Edith Burns  Do You Believe in Easter?
 •  Organic (Natural)  Easter Egg Colors
Mothers / Fathers Day (Mid May / Mid June)
 •  Anna Jarvis  Founder of Mother's Day
 •  Treasures  of a Mother's Heart
 •  Poem  Happy Mother's Day
 •  Sonora Smart Dodd  Founder of Father's Day
 •  I Am A Man  Song by Jack Hayford
Memorial Day (Last day of May)
 •  Memorial Day  (in honor of)
 •  Memorial Day  Thoughtful Cartoons
 •  Those Honored Dead  Marion G. Mahoney
 •  Blades of Grass and Pure White Stones  Philip Naish
 •  American Cemeteries  on foreign soil
 •  The Pipes  are Playing
 •  Taps  History and Words
Independence Day (July 4)
 •  4th of July  The Declaration of Independence "Document"
 •  4th of July  The Declaration of Independence
 •  4th of July  Whatever happened to the 56 signers of The Declaration of Independence
Labor Day (First Monday in September)
 •  Labor Day  History
Thanksgiving (Forth Thursday in November)
 •  Happy Harvest  A Selection of Autumn Goodies
 •  Puritan Prayer  of Thanksgiving
 •  The First Thanksgiving  Neat lesson on History
 •  Contentment  Something to be Thankful for
 •  Thanksgiving Proclamations  Washington, Lincoln, and Congress
 •  Bizarre Turkey Facts  (You'll chuckle on this one)
Christmas (December 25)
 •  Letter from Jesus  About Christmas
 •  1 Corinthians 13  (Christmas Version)
 •  12 Days of Christmas  How it became a Christmas Carol
 •  The Best Christmas Gift  (A Christmas story)
 •  The Christmas Pageant  (A Christmas story)
 •  Mothers Christmas List  You don't have to be a mother to enjoy this
 •  Christmas Notebook  A helpful planning guide 6 weeks in advance
 •  A variety of gift ideas  Including Date Challenges beginning in June
Several helpful PDF forms useful in planning
 •  Christmas Activity List 
 •  Christmas Card List 
 •  Gift List 
 •  Gifts to Buy 
 •  Gifts to Make 
 •  Gifts Received and Acknowledged