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  • Nontoxic Dentistry -- 4-Part Article
  • OraMedia -- Extensive Information About Dental Care Based on Dr. Robert Nara's Work
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  • Root Canal & Cavitation Hazards: George Meinig, DDS & Dr. M. LaMarche Interview
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  • Chronic Illness and Chronic Mercury Exposure -- Dr. Edelson's Page
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  • IAOMT Safe Amalgam Removal Protocol
  • Root Canals & Cavitation Dangers -- Townsend Letter For Doctors Excerpt on Recent Research
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  • Fluoride: International Socieity for Fluoride Research (Scientific Journal)

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    AMALGAM Description

    A mailing list for the scientific (and oftentimes general) discussion of Silver "Mercury" Amalgam Fillings hazards.

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    To subscribe, send email to LISTSERV@LISTSERV.GMD.DE with the following in the body of the message:

    SUB AMALGAM [your_full_name]

    where "[your_full_name]" is your real name.

    Additional Information
    The AMALGAM archives page can be found here.
      Amalgam News Description
    An Internet newsletter detailing recent scientific research and news related to Silver "Mercury" Amalgam Fillings hazards.

    Subscription Instructions
    To subscribe, send email to with the following in the SUBJECT LINE of the message:


    Additional Information
    The Amalgam News web page can be found here.
      OraMedia Description
    An email newsletter from OraMedia based on the work of Robert O. Nara, a pioneer in preventive dentistry

    Subscription Instructions
    To subscribe, send email to

    Additional Information
    The OraMedia web page can be found here.