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REMEDIES :  Beaumont Bio-Med ~ Multiple Remedies for Specific Acute Problems  ELIXIRS.COM ~ Standard Homeopathic brand of Remedies  Dolisos ~ Remedies and good book selections  Heel/BHI ~ Multiple Remedies  Homeopathic Educational Services ~ Dolisos and Boiron Remedies  The White Chemist ~ Homeopathic tablets, Granules and pillules
HOMEOPATHIC ORGANIZATIONS  Homeopathic Pharmacopoeia Convention of the United States(NCPUS) ~
The official compendium for homeopathic drugs in the United States  North American Society of Homeopaths(NASH) ~ An organization to help unify and support the non licensed professionals in the homeopathic field
HTTP://  Homeopathic Educational Services ~ Excellent Selection of Related books  Kent Homeopathic ~ Homeopathic Books and Software  Minimum Price Homeopathic Books ~
Sales of virtually every book on homeopathy in the english language  ~ Homeopathy Mailing List ~
The goals of the list are the exchange of current information affecting homeopathy and the study of all aspects of homeopathy, including case taking, materia medica, and repertory. Contributions are welcome whether you are a practitioner, patient or just simply interested in the subject.
Partner in learning with the "British Institute of Homeopathy"  ~ Caduceus Institute of Classical Homeopathy ~
Offers a comprehensive distance learning program for health professionals who wish to integrate homeopathy into their existing practices  Desert Institute of Classical Homeopathy ~ Professional Training in Classical Homeopathy  Homeopathic College of Canada Careers in natural health care  TORONTO SCHOOL OF HOMEOPATHIC MEDICINE ~ Professional diploma program in classical homeopathy  Vithoulkas' famed International Academy of Classical Homeopathy USA CAMPUS. We join eight other academies already operating in Europe and the Middle East and provide the opportunity for you to learn from the man who is generally regarded as the world's most renowned teacher of classical homeopathy.
HTTP://  Homeopathic Educational Services ~ A good selection of software  Lau Scientific ~ The Remedy Finder
Online books  ~ Several books and articles by well known homeopathic authors.
Rife Technology Links
For information on James Bare's modern incarnation of the Rife generator
and to buy a construction manual for building one; see his web site at 
For historical accounts of Rife's research and other info, use a
Java-enabled browser for Stan Truman's website at 
Many people read Barry Lynes' book called "The Cancer Cure that Worked"
when researching Rife.
It and his latest work are available at 
Other rife related books are Fred Farly's "Royal Raymond Rife,
Humanitarian, Betrayed & Persecuted" from  and Nina Silver's "The Handbook of Rife Frequency Healing" 
Peter Walker has just started an International Forum for research into
the microscope and resonance therapy, developed by Royal Raymond Rife,
as well as their modern counterparts.  or alternatively 
For theories on how some bioelectrical devices may work see "Electrical
and Frequency Effects on Pathogens" in the "Bioelectronics/Introduction to Bioelectronics"
section at  Also available on the website in the
"Bioelectronics/Rife Bare / Introduction to Rife Bare" section is the article
"Introduction to Rife Bare" plus Recommendations for those who want to explore bioelectronics.
For a short overview on many alternative bioelectrical devices, see
"Zappers and Other Gizmos" in the "Healing with Electronics" section at Richard Loyd's
Don Tunney started Rife Technology Inc. It was the most popular
manufacturer of complete Rife-Bare devices, but as of July 2002,
they have been ordered to stop selling them built turnkey.
They are still able to sell the premodified and specialty components to make
building them oneself much easier: 
Dave Trebing's Vibrant Health offers complete Rife- Bare units 
For frequency lists for Rife-Bare or other frequency devices, including
the Consolidated Annotated Frequency List (CAFL) which is the most popular "master list"
for rife researchers, see  The "Bioelectronics/Frequencies and
Anecdotes" section also contains the "Non-Consolidated Frequency List", plus a Frequency
Cross Reference, Reports, and Anecdotes.
Bruce Stenulson's site at 
is mostly concerned with EMEM and pad devices. It includes a large file of user anecdotes and some frequency lists.
To access the Rife Research Ring for more rife-related sites, go to 
Vaccination Links 
Some Useful links of Herbal and Homeopathic Resources
Homoeopathic Medical Publishers (
Sharda Boiron Ltd (
-Name of the Company: SBL Pvt. Ltd.
-Contact Person: Manoj Bhardwaj
-Tel. No.: 0091-11-2161934, 2161935
-Fax No.: 0091-11-2162353
-Address: 2, Commercial Complex, Shrestha Vihar, Delhi 110092, INDIA
Ainsworths (
-Tel: 0044-(0)171-9355330
-Fax: 0044-(0)171-4864313
-Address: 36 New Cavendish St, London W1M 7LH
Helios (
-Tel: 0044-(0)1892-537254/536393
-Fax: 0044-(0)1892-546850
-Address: 89-97 Camden Road Tunbridge Wells Kent TN1 2QR
Indian Books and Periodicals (
B.Jain Publishers ( 
-Minimum Price's Books- New  & 
-Two great sources of gently used, and hard to find books 
- A wealth of Materia Medica's from different authors 
-A selection of rare herbal and homeopathic books by MICHAEL TIERRA
O.M.D., L.AC. 
Henriette's Collection of Medicinal & Culinary Herbal & online
Physiomedical Dispensatories 
- A wealth of information about Hahnemannian Homoeopathy 
- Free database for homoeopathic literature 
- The Bombay School of Homoeopathy 
- A great site containing an online repertory and many links 
- Full online repertory 
- Full of articles 
- Downloadable remedy finder 
- A wealth of information about homoeopathy 
- The British Homoeopathic Journal (needs password) 
- Includes articles and links about Hahnemannian Homoeopathy 
- A collection of Peter Morrell's Articles about homoeopathy 
- A wealth of articles and connections about homoeopathy 
- A wealth of information and links about alternative medicine 
- Dr Smits' site about homoeopathy and vaccination 
- Dr Jugal Kishore's site 
- George Vithoulkas' Academy 
- Information about homoeopathy CD's 
- Contains many links 
- The North American Society of Homoeopaths(NASH) 
- European council for classical homoeopathy
- a homoeopathic database 
- An Indian institute practicing Hahnemannian homoeopathy 
- Faculty of Homeopathy, London 
- The Center for Empirical Medicine 
- Electronic homoeopathy 
- Biolumanetics for homoeopathy 
- Alternative medicine  (.net)(.edu) 
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