Listen dear teachers and you shall hear
A verse from the nurse now that Christmas is near
Bellyaches, headaches, popped wires on braces
Hangnails and chapped lips and pimples on faces.

Viruses causing GI distress
"Please send me home cuz my hair is a mess".
Kids with green faces approaching my door
Just over the threshold, throw up on the floor.

Tonsils that kiss, their throats are so sore
Glands big as grapes, strep throat for sure.
Earaches and heart aches, jammed thumb or finger
Wheezes and sneezes and coughs that just linger.

Allergic reactions, CONSTANT Head lice,
Contusions and bruises from falls on the ice.
"My mom knows I'm sick, I've never felt worse.
She said go to school and go to the nurse.

I threw up on the bus, I felt like a jerk
But you can't call my mom, cuz she's gotta work".
I love being your nurse, and I love all this stuff
But by Christmas vacation, even I've had enough.

Enjoy Christmas break, wipe your virus slate clear
And we'll all start anew when we come back next year!
I hope that my poem doesn't make you feel worse
For it comes with my love
Merry Christmas!
Your Nurse

Have a Merry Christmas!!