Bible Trivia

The Bible is a collection of sixty-six books composed under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit written by over 44 authors throughout the Middle East over a period of about 1500 years. Authors include adopted Egyptian nobility (Moses), a shepherd (David), a Babylonian captive who became an official (Daniel), a tax collector (Matthew), a doctor (Luke), a philosopher/rabbi (Paul), and a fisherman (Peter). The Bible includes poetry, history, government records, prophecy, dialogue, parables, sermons, letters, and religious instructions. The Bible is written in three languages, Hebrew (Old Testament), Aramaic (part of Daniel), and Greek (New Testament). Despite this diversity, the Bible has been remarkably preserved, contains no contradictions, and is widely supported by history, archaeology, science, and philosophy.

The Bible was divided into chapters by Stephen Langton about A.D. 1228. The Old Testament was divided into verses by R. Nathan in A.D. 1448 and the New Testament by Robert Stephanus in A. D. 1551. The first complete English Bible divided into chapters and verses first appeared in the Geneva Bible of 1560.

The Bible has been translated, in whole or in part, into more than 1,100 languages and dialects. About 30,000,000 copies of the complete text of the Bible, or of its principle parts, are distributed annually. The first book printed with movable metal type was the Gutenberg Bible, printed by Johannes Gutenberg, before August 15, 1456, in Mainz, Germany. The first printed Bible divided into verses was a Latin edition by Pagninus, printed in 1528. The Bible was written by some 50 men, only one of whom (Luke) was a Gentile.

Here are some interesting tidbits of facts and trivia specifically in regards to the King James Version of the Bible.


  • Books of the Bible - 66
  • Books in Old Testament - 39
  • Books in New Testament - 27
  • Shortest Book - 2 John (13 verses)
  • Longest book: Psalms (150 chapters)
  • Middle book of Old Testament - Proverbs
  • Middle book of New Testament - 2 Thessalonians


  • Entire Bible - 1189 Chapters
  • Old Testament - 929 Chapters
  • New Testament - 260 Chapters
  • Middle chapter of Old Testament - Job 29
  • Middle chapter of New Testament - Romans 13
  • Middle and shortest chapter of Bible - Psalm 117
  • Shortest chapter: Psalm 117
  • Longest chapter - Psalm 119
  • Chapters that are alike - 2 Kings 19 and Isaiah 37


  • Entire Bible - 31,173
  • Old Testament - 23,214 Verses
  • New Testament - 7,959 Verses
  • Middle verse of the Bible - Psalm 118:8 ( Psalm 97:8?)
  • Middle verse of the Old Testament - 2 Chronicles 20;17
  • Middle verse of the New Testament - Acts 17:17
  • Shortest verse of the Old Testament - 1Chronicles 1:25
  • Shortest verse of the New Testament - John 11:35
  • Longest verse in the bible - Esther 8:9
  • Verse containing all letters of the alphabet except J - Ezra 7:21
  • Verse containing all letters of the alphabet except Q - Daniel 4:37
  • Verses alike - Psalm 107:8,15, 21, 31


  • Entire Bible - 773,692
  • In the Old Testament - 592,439 words
  • In the New Testament - 181,253 words
  • Longest word in the Bible (18 letters) - Maher-shalal-hash-baz - Isaiah 8:1,3
  • The word "God" appears in every book of the Bible except Esther and Song of Solomon
  • Words occurring only once in the Bible:
    • Eternity - Isaiah - 57:15
    • Grandmother - 2 Timothy 1:5
    • Gnat - Matthew 23:24


  • Entire Bible: 3,566,480
  • In the Old Testament - 2,728,100
  • In the New Testament - 838,380


  • How old was Joseph, the son of Israel, when he died? A) 110 years old - Gen 26:50
  • Where in the Bible do you find where a battle was won because a man stretched out his hands?  A) Joshua 8:19
  • Where is the only place in the Bible where "Hats" are mentioned?  A)  Daniel 3:21
  • Where in the Bible do you find a father who had 88 children? A) 2Chron. 11:21
  • What king had the first birthday party in the Bible? A) Pharaoh - Gen 40:20
  • Who was the oldest man to ever live?  A) Methuselah
  • What group of people in the Bible died because they could not pronounce the letter "H"   A) Judges 12:6
  • Who was the first person to fall asleep during a sermon?  A) Acts 20:9  Eatychus
  • What was the first animal out of the Ark?   A) The Raven
  • Where in the Bible did the Sun stand still?  A)  Joshua 10:12
  • Where in the Bible do you find the story of the 7 hundred left-handed soldiers?  A) Joshua 20: 16
  • Whose hair weight from about 5 to 6 pounds at his annual haircut? A) Absalom 2 Samuel 14:26
  • Saul was the first king of Israel.  Who was the second? (It wasn't David)  A) Ishbosheth   2 Sam. 2:10
  • What prophet did God command to shave his beard and head? A) Ezekiel
  • Who ate honey out of a lion's carcass? A) Samson
  • Who was blinded for three days after seeing a great light? A) Paul
  • What book says that blind animals must not be sacrificed to God? A) Leviticus
  • What rich man sat in a pile of ashes? A) Job
  • Who is the only person in the Old Testament mentioned as being buried in a coffin? A) Joseph
  • Who buried Moses? A) The Lord
  • Who is the second most mentioned man in the Bible behind Jesus? A) David
  • How many times does Eve's name appear in Genesis? A) Twice
  • What book in the Bible portrays Wisdom as a woman? A) Proverbs
  • Who are the only three angels mentioned in the Bible by name?  A) Gabriel, Michael and Lucifer

Runner's Trivia:

  • What bizarre person saw Jesus from far off and ran to worship him?  A) The Gadarene demoniac Mark 5: 6
  • What belligerent man ran to meet his brother and kissed him after a long separation? A) Esau Genesis 33: 4
  • Who outran a team of horses?  A) Elijah   1 Kings 18: 46
  • What evangelist ran to meet a foreign official in his chariot? A) Philip    Acts 8: 30
  • What disciple outran Peter to Jesus' tomb?  A) John    John 20: 4
  • Who ran to the priest Eli, thinking Eli had called him in the night, though it was actually God who called? 
    A) Samuel 1 Samuel 3: 4-5
  • What cousin of Jacob's ran to tell her father when she found she and Jacob were related? 
    A) Rachel   Genesis 29: 12
  • What boy ran into the Philistine camp to confront their best warrior?  A)  David   1 Samuel 17: 48-49
  • What servant of Elisha ran to meet the woman of Shunem?  A) Gehazi    2 Kings 4: 25-26
  • What short man ran to see Jesus but could not because of his height? A)  Zacchaeus   Luke 19: 4
  • Who ran to meet the Lord in the plains of Mamre?  A)  Abraham   Genesis 18: 1-2
  • Who sent Cushi to run to David with the news of Absalom's death?  A) Joab   2 Samuel 18: 19-23
  • According to Isaiah, what sort of people can run and not be weary?
    A) they that wait upon the Lord     Isaiah 40: 31
  • What prophet ran after another prophet to accept the appointment as his successor?  A) Elisha   1 Kings 19: 19-21
  • What usurper to the throne of Israel gathered up 50 men to run before him?  A) Adonijah  1 Kings 1: 5
  • When the man of Benjamin saw the Ark of the Covenant captured by the Philistines, what Israelite did he run to tell?  A) The priest Eli    1 Samuel 4: 12-18
  • What judge's mother ran to tell her husband Manoah that an angel had appeared to her? 
    A) Samson's    Judges 13: 10
  • What did a man at Jesus' crucifixion run to find for the dying Jesus?  A) A sponge  Matthew 27: 46-48
  • Who had a vision of one angel running to meet another?  A) Zechariah     Zechariah 2: 3
  • What man ran to meet Abraham's servant at the well?  A)  Laban    Genesis 24: 29

The Four Gospels:

The gospels present four portraits of Jesus, each in its own characteristic manner.

  • Matthew, the Hebrew tax collector, writes for the Hebrew mind.
  • Mark, the travel companion of Paul and Peter, writes for the Roman mind.
  • Luke, Paul's physician-missionary, writes with the Greek mentality in view.
  • John's gospel is different by nature from the other three; it is an interpretation of the fact of Jesus' life
    rather than a presentation of its facts in historical sequence.

    Excuses People Make When God Sends Them:

    • Abraham was too old.
    • Moses stuttered.
    • Miriam was a gossip.
    • Jacob was a liar.
    • Gideon doubted.
    • Elijah was burned out.
    • First David's armor didn't fit, then he had an affair, and had someone killed.
    • Solomon was too rich.
    • Isaiah had unclean lips.
    • Jeremiah was too young.
    • Jonah didn't like the job.
    • Amos's only training was in the school of fig-tree pruning.
    • Naomi was a widow.
    • Peter was afraid of death.
    • Thomas was from Missouri (the "show-me" state)
    • Paul was a murderer.
    • Mark was rejected by Paul.
    • Timothy had ulcers.
    • Lazarus was dead.
    • Martha was a worry-wart.
    ...or so they claimed, before God's Spirit empowered them to rise to the occasion and become some of the greatest heroes of our faith.

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