An Analogy of the First Adam, the Last Adam, and the Bride

There was this man – Adam – which means “man”. GOD created him in HIS own image.  Adam was beautiful, perfect, clothed in light!  He was given authority over a beautiful paradise!

And GOD even gave the man a beautiful, spotless, perfect bride – she, too was covered in glorious light!  The man’s responsibility was to love her, protect her, care for her…..which he was glad to do!

She was PART of him….her very existence came from with – IN him.

Then one day, the man’s beautiful, perfect, spotless bride was deceived … She was deceived by a wicked foe, …. a beautiful shining one …. the Nachash, the serpent of old.  He was a hisser, a deceiver, an enchanter…

The man’s beautiful, perfect, spotless bride was deceived!
She was gullible.
She was stupid.
She was weak….
She let HER desires get the best of her….
And she had broken the ONE requirement – because she followed her own desires.
And because she did…..she deserved death!
She would have eternal separation from Adam.
She would lose her perfection, her glorious brilliant covering of light.
She was no longer spotless. She was no longer perfect. No longer beautiful.

When the man saw this and realized what had happened, the man had to choose.  He had two options.
● He could execute judgment on that shining one, that evil, wicked deceiver.
● But the man would also have to execute judgment on his once perfect, once spotless, beloved bride!


The man had another choice … And that is what he chose.
    He chose to join his bride, whom he loved so much, in HER choice.
        So the man ate.

He ate from the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil.
By his choice the man had broken the one – the only – commandment given by GOD.
And he, too, lost his glory. He was no longer perfect. No longer spotless.

And the man was not deceived.
He knew exactly what he was doing …. because he was
UNWILLING to leave his once beautiful, perfect spotless bride ALONE in her predicament……
He willingly ate.

And there was another man ….
Who looked down from heaven at a soiled, wicked, deceived, DEAD bride.
And HE too, decided to join her in her dilemma.
He loved her SO MUCH that HE was willing to give up
to stoop down SO low….to save this sin-filled, deceived, soiled, DEAD bride…

And so, HE joined her in her predicament…
HE took on flesh.
He became Adam – "man" – the Last Adam.
And because HE did, HE made a way to buy back HIS once beautiful, spotless bride…
The love of HIS life…..
Who came from HIS very being…..
HE made a way to buy her back, to redeem her, to pay her penalty…..

Oh, but it cost a lot!

There was another tree involved.  But this tree was a different tree - it was a tree of shame.

A tree of suffering.
A tree of pain and evil.
A tree of wickedness.
ALL EVIL FOR ALL TIME was heaped upon THE MAN, THE LAST ADAM, as HE hung on the cursed tree.

Just as the first Adam chose – so did the Last.

HE chose to pay the price.
HE chose to pay the dead bride’s penalty.
HE chose to buy back, to redeem HIS once beautiful bride.
HE chose to go to that cursed tree to make her once again ...
    spotless, perfect, blameless
To be with her forever and always – for all ETERNITY.
Clothed in glory!

It was HIS greatest heart’s desire….
To give the dead bride – LIFE!!!
To exchange HIS life for her dead life!

HE offers her a precious gift!
HE offers her grace!
HE offers her mercy and forgiveness!
HE offers to pour upon her goodness and kindness!
To care for her….. To love her……And protect her…..
To help her be all she was meant to be ...

    All she had to do is one little thing…
        Accept the FREE GIFT.