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Are Vaccinations unequivocally helping us to fight disease, OR Are they an assault upon our Immune system?
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Breaking: The Government loses landmark vaccine lawsuit:

See Article: Vaccines not safe (PDF)

 •  Vaccine Contamination What is coming through that needle?
 •  The Dangers  of Vaccinations
 •  Ingredients  in Vaccines
 •  Vaccine History  Up to 1993
 •  Mosquitoes?  To Vaccinate People?
 •  SV40  and Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma
 •  SV40  Polio Vaccine and Cancer - Now Beyond Coincidence?
 •  SV40  Contaminated
 •  Vaccine Mandate Scandal  By Phyllis Schlafly
 •  Evidence  the Medical Establishment has Ignored
 •  Doctors group  opposes Vaccine Mandate
 •  Vaccine  / SIDS link
 •  Vaccine  Religious Exemption
 •  Vaccine Exemptions by State 
 •  Vaccinations:  UnGodly Practice
 •  Vaccinations  versus Sanitation
 •  Vaccine  Facts
 •  Vaccine  Myths
 •  Child Health  Without Immunizations
 •  Childhood Diabetes  linked to immunization
 •  Law Firms  that Help Those Hurt by Vaccines
 •  Philosophy  of Immunization
 •  Vaccine  Cancer Connection
 •  Anthrax Vaccine  Concern Grows
 •  Mounting Opposition  to Hepatitis B Vaccine
 •  Autistic Symptoms  from MMR Vaccine
 •  Gulf War Syndrome  and Anthrax Vaccine
 •  Military Resistance  to Anthrax Vaccine
 •  Vaccination History  (Mostly Smallpox)
 •  Smallpox Outbreak  Pandemonium if not prepared
 •  Vaccination  Safety Assurance Fails
 •  20 Reasons  NOT to take Smallpox Vaccinations
 •  Manmade Flu?  Spanish Influenza Epidemic of 1918
 •  $20,000 Offer  to Physicians or Pharmaceutical CEO
 •  How to Legally Avoid  Unwanted Vaccinations
 •  Vaccine Horror  It is being planned
 •  Anti-Squalene  Antibodies link Gulf War Syndrome to Anthrax Vaccine
 •  The Vaccine  May be more Dangerous than Swine Flu if you get it
 •  Health Impact News  MMR Vaccine Caused Autism:

You will need Microsoft Word for the following items:

 •  Vaccine Religious Exemption  "Word" Document - (use legal size paper)
 •  Vaccination Consent Form  Customize this form if necessary and have your doctor sign it before he vaccinates you or your children.
 •  Vaccination Schedule Form  Print this form and fill in the blanks for each vaccination received.   See Vaccine Hot Lots