Health - Politics of Medicine

Modern Medical Politics: Is there a Political and Medical Agenda? What is it?  Is it medicine that is being practiced, or Politics?
Have you wondered why there seems to be such an epidemic of Cancer and different diseases? Take a look at this, and decide for yourself.

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 •  Marketing Drugs  in the 21st Century
 •  Paracelsus  Naturalist, Chemist, Doctor
 •  Medical Politics  Sanctioning the Right to Lie
 •  The Politics   of Medicine
 •  Biological Test Law  Repealed
 •  Third World Politics
 •  The Field of Medicine  Becomes Monetized
 •  FDA Burns Stevia Books
 •  Hospital Guardianship  $ Predatory Guardians $
 •  Naturopathic Rights Were Included in the Founding of America
 •  Nerve and Chemical Agent Attack what to do
 •  Botulism and BioTerrorism Attack what to do
 •  Plague Warefare and Homeopathic Remedies