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"Allopaths have protocols, Homeopaths have principles."
"Poison is in everything, and nothing is without poison. The Dose makes it either a poison or a remedy." - Paracelsus
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 • Homeopathy Described  
 • Homeopathic Study  It appears to work better than medicine
 • References to Homeopathy  in the Holy Scriptures
 • Homeopathy  and Birth
 • Homeopathy 101 
 • Homeopathic Approach  to Cancer
 • History of Homeopathic  Treatment of Epidemics
 • Homeopathic Bio-Fertilizers  Good for Crops
 • Bowel Nosodes  Joy Lucas
 • The Kalium Group for Remedies  Joy Lucas
 • Ceanothus   Joy Lucas
 • Severe Bruising   with a remedy that helps
 • From Cooper Club  To Flower Essences
 • Eagle Pro  Remedy Maker
 • BioAid / BioPet  Remedy Makers
 Light: Nutritional, even Healing?
 Music, Sound and Color Therapy
 Essential Oils / Aromatherapy: Healing that makes Scents!
 Apothecary Recipes and Herbal Helps
 Cleanses and Detox Helps
 Colloidal Gold and Silver
 • Kinesiology  A special arm of Chiropractic
 • The Meridian Acupuncture  Pathway to Good Health
 • An Alternative Healthlist
 • Dupuytren's Contracture  Curled Finger
 • Article on Ozone:   A Wide-Spectrum Healer
 • Oxygen Enriched Atmosphere:   For Healing & Rejuvenation
 • Lasers   For Medical use
 • DNA   influenced by words and frequencies?
 • Quinton   Marine Plasma
 • Some Useful links to  Herbal and Homeopathic Resources
Dana Ullman's new E-Book  Homeopathic Family Medicine
Some Homeopathic Abbreviations:
 •  Rx = Remedy
 •  Sx = Symptom
 •  Px = Prescription
 •  Tx = Treatment or Tincture
 •  SAI = Seems as if
 •  NBWS = Never Been Well Since