Money by the Mouthful

by Robert O. Nara, D.D.S. & Steven A. Mariner
Foreword by Steven A. Mariner

What you should know about the health of your mouth and body... that no doctor is going to tell you!

My initial reluctance to become associated with Doctor Robert Nara and Oramedics International, which he founded, was probably for the same reasons many will at first doubt what they are about to read.

To begin with, I had believed common knowledge all my life: That there was no hope for my teeth, that they'd get sick and eventually fall out or be pulled out and replaced with dentures. I was not prepared by anything I had heard or read for the mind-altering truth that all dental disease is wholly preventable --today.

My second objection to becoming involved was that I assumed Doctor Nara was one of those lunatics found on the fringes of every profession; a man bent upon establishing his own empire or attacking The Establishment simply because he had nothing better to do.

How wrong I was. Doctor Nara's credentials fill eleven closely-spaced, typed pages; he is profoundly competent to tell this story from any viewpoint: Education, experience, honors and awards; personal, financial and professional success. He is a true visionary and leader in an age --and profession --in which leadership is sadly lacking.

What Doctor Nara is telling the world about oral health is, if true, the most shocking health scandal in this country. This book will offer proofs; the reader will ultimately have to judge. Other judges in courts and government agencies are, today, facing the same decision.

If true, this story tells of multi-billion-dollar waste every year. It tells of huge companies manufacturing and advertising products which you not only don't need; they are actually gravely, seriously bad for your health.

You will read about dentists whose license allows them to accept large fees, from you, for doing things that will cause you more sickness. You will discover that the disfigurement, the pain, the expense and futility of conventional dentistry --in your life --could have been and should have been avoided...all of it.

You will learn how dental disease actually works, and why conventional dentistry is all but helpless to do anything about it --even though they know how.

You will find that the dentist who most wants to help you is legally prevented from telling you about his service. You will read about the nearly unbelievable lengths conventional dentistry will go to to keep this information from the public, and to punish dentists who insist on telling the truth.

Most importantly, though: You'll learn in this book how you can take advantage of what dentists and doctors know, and won't tell you; information that can show you how to simply and economically --and forever --achieve freedom from dental disease.

Before Doctor Nara convinced me of these things, I was unwilling to share authorship in this book. Now, however, this writing transcends simply something a writer does for a living. It has become a mission of sorts, because I am angry --as is almost everyone who becomes aware of the magnitude of this scandal. Hopefully, you too will become indignant and angry. Why?

--Because something has to be done about these things. Since the dental profession itself refuses to accept its responsibility, it's up to the people. In America, the people ultimately make all the important decisions and demand progress. It's up to you, now...


Chapter One "Let's Get Honest"
Chapter Two The Truth About Dental Disease
Chapter Three ...That No Doctor is Going to Tell You
Chapter Four The Inside Story: About the Mouth
Chapter Five Germ Warfare
Chapter Six Today's Oral Hygiene is Sickening
Chapter Seven The Power to Heal
Chapter Eight "Let Them Eat Cake..."
Chapter Nine The A.D.A.--Specialists in Symptoms
Chapter Ten Psychology of Oral Health Awareness
Chapter Eleven The Hardware Business
Chapter Twelve A Question of Ethics
Chapter Thirteen What Can I Do?
Chapter Fourteen "Whatever Happened to Doctor Nara?"
Chapter Fifteen Let's Sum It All Up

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