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 •  Organizing Tips  Get Rid of Paper Clutter
 •  Entertainment Planner 
 •  Organize Your Errands  7 Ways
 •  Your Time  Manage it or Lose it
 •  Organizing  Essential End-of-Life Information
 •  Moving Tips  You'll appreciate these after the moving van is gone.
 •  Yard Sale Tips  Turn your Clutter into $$$.
 •  Organize your Holidays  Don't forget the Important things
 •  Organize your Vacations  Lists of things not to forget!

In addition to the good stuff listed here under "Organization",
     here are several other websites that contain lots of great information.
 •  An array of organization techniques.
 •  More good info.
 •  Have fun while learning!

 You need Microsoft Word to format and print the following items:
 •  Printable  Financial Information Forms
 •  Important Phone Numbers  by Category
 •  Important Phone Numbers  Blank Form
 •  List of Items  loaned or borrowed
 •  List of Books  loaned or borrowed
 •  Client Job Expenses  Checklist
 •  Project Planner  General Form
 •  Project Planner  By Phases
 •  Daily Reminder Form  Things to Do;
 •  List of Things to Do  General list, and by day of the week
 •  Weekly Planner  Extensive Groupings (Needs Legal Size Paper)
 •  General Planner  Things to Do Lists
 •  Auto Service Schedule  Take care of that Vehicle
 •  Catalog on Order Form  Business Catalogs, etc.
 •  House Hunt Record  Print off a dozen and take them with you
 •  Garage Sale  Check List
 •  Goals  Long Range
 •  Goals  Short Term