Book Reports, Recommended Reading

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 •  The Handbook of Rife Frequency Healing  By: Dr. Nenah Sylver
 •  Victor Schauberger  on the Unique Properties of Water
 •  Dressed to Kill  brassieres restrict the flushing of lymphatic fluids and toxins
 •  Eat Right  for your Blood Type
 •  Homeopathic Approach  to Cancer
 •  The Curious Man 
 •  Potassium Permanganate 
 •  "Mapping the Mind"  Book by Rita Carter
 •  "The Latent Power of the Soul"  by Watchman Nee
 •  "Responding to Anger"  ~ a workbook
 •  Holistic Protocol for The Immune System
 •  Homeopathic Booklist and resources for Trauma and War Trauma with links
 •  Sauna Therapy  Chemicals and Heavy Metals
 •  Dirty Electricity 
 •  Arthur Hill Grimmer  Book report on the collected works of: