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Have you ever heard someone speak and the message just seemed to touch your very soul, changing your perspective from that moment on?

In 1990, my husband and I heard some radio broadcasts that changed our lives. The speaker was Dr. Carl Baugh on the subject of Creation in Symphony. A few years later, we went to a Creation Fair in Glen Rose, TX where we listened to the speakers who were Bible believing scientists and doctors, and were really impressed with their presentations.

http://www.creationevidence.org/ (Dr. Bough’s Home Page: Creation Evidence Museum)
The Evolution of a Creationist (Dr. Jobe Martin) (Table of Contents. Specifically, see Chapter 7 describing pre/post flood environment)

One doctor I spoke with there sent me some material after the conference to look at, on Dr. Becker’s book: The Body Electric and some articles on Dr. Raymond Royal Rife’s work. Thus began our adventure in electromagnetic resonance research from a Christian Creationist’s perspective.

While beginning our research into frequency, and its commonality in color, light, sounds, energy, etc. I learned that everything consists of frequency. This is not a New Age Philosophy. It is in fact a proven scientific fact.

Everything has a "cycles per second" vibratory resonance. The Electra magnetic spectrum has specified ranges that pertain to light, color, and sound. Sound is broken down further into AM, FM, Emergency bands, Short-wave radio, Military, Television, and other governmental bands. Spoken languages are also spoken at different differentiated hertz.

Some medical conditions are able to be discerned through our own voice, recorded and analyzed by a computed program to find what hertz we speak in, what hertz we are missing, and what will heal us when played and impressed on our body.

Click here to read an interesting article on Sound Therapy.

A man recently has contacted me, whose doctor loaned him a book that has changed his physical abilities and improved his quality of life. He was born with Spinal Bifida in three different vertebrae. His doctor identified the vertebrae by their medical designation, (i.e. T-4) and showed him which frequencies to run. This gentleman told me that if he runs these frequencies every three days, his range of motion is vastly increased, and his pain is greatly reduced.

This book that is referenced in the above example, is by no means a Christian book; on the contrary- more a New Age Philosophy. However, science is science, whether discovered, performed by, or written about, by a Non believer or a Christian. I would take a guess that most physicians are NOT born again believers. Most scientists are not either. This however does not make their scientific contributions of no importance. It does give us reason to discern their philosophies. What the above paragraph showed, however, was that it was proved to this man, repeatedly, that he scientifically has a painful condition, and repeatedly can get relief and results with this method.

Dr. Baugh's theories in practice 

Considering the following information that I will be sharing with you with regard to Creation in Symphony, not only has our Universe been orchestrated to give audible praise to God, but so has our own bodies. To my way of thinking, this test honors the Creator!

In the early 1900’s, there were many Electra magnetic medical break throughs. These were developed and used with great results until which time as the medical monopoly was beginning to flex it’s muscle. They saw monetary potential and medical control in patented chemical compounds, rather than herbal remedies, homeopathy, or resonance modalities, all of which have far less contraindications, side effects, and allergic reactions than their chemical counterparts. Their decision to promote chemical solutions for physical problems for personal, corporate, and political profit began to gain ground and political protection. Scientists & medical professionals who espoused anything other than what was deemed politically correct were persecuted, jailed, and politically ruined. There is much documentation on this oft-repeated scenario. See "Murder by Injection" by Eustance Mullins, published by:
The Council for Medical Research
Box 1105
Staunton  VA  24401 

To return to resonance research… Mr. Barry Lynes has a few great books out on the history of Electra magnetic research and medicine. The Cancer Cure that Worked describes how Dr. Royal Raymond Rife discovered that not only does ALL color, light, & sound have it’s own resonating hertz but every disease does also! Each disease was refracted under his Universal microscope, and shown in it’s own unique color, and frequency. When he found the MOR (mortal oscillatory frequency) for each organism, and ran that specific frequency, the organism would evacuate, leaving other surrounding tissue alone.

This is best understood by remembering the old Memorex ads. They taped an opera singer who sang a resonant note- specific to the silica the glass was made from. The glass shattered. The tape was then played, and the recording shattered a second glass in like manner. Why? The silica that the glass was made from has a specific resonance. When this frequency is resonated, the crystal shatters.

Our bodies are 90% water. Each molecule has an Electra magnetic field. We are conductive and music, sound, light, and color – all impress their Electra magnetic fields on us – with varied results.

Dr. Jacob Liberman is having fantastic results with Light therapy in the eye. Although I do not agree with all of his theology, I can say he’s right on with his approach to color therapies (color being octaves of musical hertz). The Bible states that "The lamp of the body is the eye. If therefore your eye is good, your whole body will be full of light. But if your eye is bad, your whole body will be full of darkness. If therefore the light that is in you is darkness, how great is that darkness!" Matthew 6:22,23 (NKJV)

If the eye has light, the whole body is light, if the eye is darkened, how great the darkness! We are now finding out that the pineal gland stimulates all the other endocrine glands, which itself is controlled by the full spectrum light of the sun. When this light is filtered and distorted by normal everyday incandescent and especially florescent light bulbs, the body is bombarded by censored and unbalanced Electra magnetic spectrum and we become increasingly unhealthy. We need full spectrum light. Especially from the sun – a minimum amount – every day!

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