A Different View of Traditional Medicine

I would like to make it clear that there are a lot of well meaning, and well educated Christian doctors who really do have their patients best interests at heart. I believe it is their source of training that is the problem.

Medical schools who train doctors - have an agenda that is self promoting and protectionary in nature. Many Christians Physicians who have been taught by these professors (who in most cases are NOT Christians, therefore are teaching from their Scientific viewpoints which leave God and Creation out) are only echoing their teachings. It is a shame that they are not taught about God-given medicine like nutrition, herbs, vitamins and minerals, oxygen, and electromagnetics.

For instance, Robert O Becker, MD, an orthopedic surgeon and researcher, set out to find the reason why some bones wouldn't knit and trigger regeneration. Quite by accident, he found that it was due to electromagnetic imbalance; the bone ends were repelling one another as if the same polarity of two magnets facing each other. As Dr. Becker discovered there was more successful and promising research done on the electromagnetic aspects of the body long before pharmaceutical drugs were massed produced. Yet the medical profession shunned this research and began to treat the body as a mass of chemical reactions that could somehow be controlled. They are treating symptoms, not causes, with side-effect causing drugs. I understand that doctors are just doing their best within the guidelines set by law and organizations but they are losing many battles with this one sided approach. Most prescribed treatments are carcinogenic, like x-rays. As in all wars, the war against cancer has more and more casualties but the money still flows in support. Alternatively, there has been research in cancer, some with 100% success but the information was suppressed or ridiculed and the researchers were ostracized, raided and jailed with laboratories and records destroyed. After all, what can one lone scientist here and there do in fighting an establishment? But people witnessed the cures and the information spread despite the efforts to suppress anything other than FDA and AMA approved methods.

How does any successful, God given natural method without side effects be condemned? Are doctors helping people achieve wellness, or treating symptoms and protecting their own profession and income. How does having faith in a doctor who has no knowledge of natural God given healing methods, and who condemns the very gifts God gave us - glorify God?

Even most Christians who love God and are trying to live surrendered lives have not been taught about Creation Science (not the sect): How God created the world, what it was like then, how it has changed: the implications of a fallen world, and how it changed our bodies scientifically. Although many Christian physicians are, I believe, Christians, they have unwittingly allowed the Politically Correct Philosophies of their professors who taught them to come through in their bias and evaluations of other Health Care providers other than the M. D. The Medical Profession was blatantly omitted, not even evaluated, with all its ungodly history and philosophies. They have not only their own share of skeletons in the proverbial closet, but current travesties as well. It seemed as though they were given Carte Blanche to do anything they deemed necessary, and that was fully justified - without even a warning, as to the qualifications of the MD, his track record, his faith, etc.. The assumption that only an MD can give wise, accurate, and Godly counsel is wrong - as well as Spiritually abusive.

While I agree that some of the pioneers in different fields of medicine have not been born again Christians, and some have been even atheists, how many more in the field of the "Medical Doctor" profession, and Medical Research? Most MDs know nothing of Nutrition, as it applies to wellness and disease. Most do not take advantage of the optional 3 hour course offered in school. They know absolutely nothing of the herbs, vitamins, and minerals that God made which are the basis for most all pharmaceutical drugs that they promote. They treat on the premise that our bodies are Chemical first, and Electra-magnetic second. In reality, before all their drugs were invented and promoted, scientists discovered that we were first Electra-magnetic, and second Chemical. The physicians in your booklet criticized Homeopathy, where like cures like. Have they ever considered the similarities of vaccinations? Minute amounts of a virus, builds a persons natural immunity to the illness. If it didn't have a basis, why did the medical profession copy it?

We all need to go back to Genesis, and try to understand what God was doing as well as why He was doing it. We need to take the Biblical account literally, and look at each words meaning. If we were to try to apply the Creators principles even now, without drugs, our bodies could often heal themselves of disease.

Do you know how many people each year die of snake, scorpion, and insect bites, not to mention Killer bees needlessly, and are "treated" in modern hospitals, and billed thousands of dollars each, in pain beyond belief - not only from the bite, and the poison, but from the Medical Doctor and his protocol. The unbeliever looks at that and says, "If your God is so loving and kind, why did He create such awful and poisonous creatures?" In fact, God DIDN'T create them to be poisonous. At Creation, we had a double atmospheric pressure, with 1/3rd more oxygen, and with the earths electromagnetic field in the proportion God created it these creatures WEREN'T poisonous!

Dr. Carl Baugh , of the Creation Evidences Museum, in Glenrose Texas has done many lengthy experiments with a Biosphere that resembles earth at Creation. It is a hyperbaric chamber, with an increased oxygen content similar to the Divers Niox mix, an Electra Magnetic field, and filtered out ultraviolet rays. After six months of living in the Creation Biosphere, poisonous snakes that had Lab work performed before and after, confirmed Dr. Boughs Creationists beliefs - Those snakes weren't poisonous any more !!

Missionaries are now taking STUN GUNS into the Jungle with them for snake bites. The Electra-magnetic field totally neutralizes the poison, turning it into a harmless, even beneficial protein!

Cancer research is using snake venom in studies to cure cancer. Do you think that God, in his infinite wisdom, originally before sin, made venom for our good?

Just a side note: In the Museum, next to the Hyper baric Chamber, is a fish tank, with 2 Parana fish in it. The year before, they were about 8 inches high. This year they were about 13 inches tall - they grew 5 to 6 times faster than normal because of being exposed to the chambers electromagnetic field that was being fed to the nearby hyperbaric chamber!

Back to my previous statement regarding the needless suffering and deaths of people being bit: why does modern medicine not treat electro-magnetically? The same reason they ignore other electromagnetic cures for Cancer, and other diseases. The medical Industries greed! MONEY!!!

The Bible says the Love of Money is the root of all evil. Root of all evil to me means Satan. Most Christians overlook this demonic influence that is so pervasive in current Medical Philosophy today. Most Chemical treatments prescribed by MDs today are in their own right Carcinogenic. We are not doing any better today in our war against Cancer than we were in the 1960s before the National Cancer Institute was formed and given millions of dollars each year - with very little progress to show for it. Their treatments don't heal Cancer. It usually shows up later- somewhere else- a byproduct of their previous treatment, but not acknowledged as the cause.

There have been many 100 % cures for cancer, as well as other diseases that physicians refuse to acknowledge, as they aren't patentable drugs - something they can make money from. These cures have been overlooked, statistics changed, research stolen, the doctors themselves ostracized, persecuted, raided, jailed, homes and offices burned, records stolen, all by the same politically correct, and well paid ministers of medicine. As in all wars, the war against cancer has more and more casualties but the money still flows in support. After all, what can one lone scientist here and there do in fighting an establishment? But people witnessed the cures and the information spread despite the efforts to suppress anything other than FDA and AMA approved methods. There is no money from people who are quickly cured without long continual treatments of symptoms rather than the cause. As long as people keep coming, and paying their bill, the doctor just keep writing out prescriptions for drugs, most of which have horrible side effects! Essiac Tea? Why they wouldn't dream of it! No patent. Why? God made it - its not patentable.

Not one scientist - no matter his credentials, his clinical proof of efficacy - can get FDA approval in the US. One has to spend millions of dollars, and lobby like crazy, to even begin to play their game.

God says "My people perish for lack of knowledge". He also states that it is a glory for Him to hide a matter, and a glory for man to seek it out. The Electromagnetic theory is not a new one. It is as old as Creation itself. Christian Scientists like Michael Faraday discovered many of the principles as far back as the 1830s.

The Firmament, Dr. Baugh believes, was a highly compressed Crystalline Hydrogen Canopy that harnessed the stars radio wave frequencies. That was Gods Idea. The Planets, Neptune in particular, whistles. In Job 38:4-7 God asks Job "Where he was when the morning stars sang together, and all the sons of God shouted for joy?" God separated the waters first. You probably realized that God didn't have to create the Water? Water is often times a picture of Himself. He always was, and will be. He just separated the water. It is an important fact that each molecule of water possesses an electromagnetic field, which when aliened, result in a composite electromagnetic charge. At creation, this electromagnetic field was 4 times what is today. God never does anything without a purpose. The stars that sing had a purpose. God created the stars, the earth, people, even rock to praise Him.

But the earth was created for the benefit of man, who was made in Gods image. Man didn't die before sin came into the world. Even after sin, before the flood, man lived for hundreds of years. Every morning the earth was bathed in the healing vibrational frequencies that heal, and restored the health of humanity and animals alike. Because there was no death before sin, I believe at Creation, that man, like Salamanders, and other animals probably regenerated body parts that may have been cut off, or severely injured. Even today, young children, younger than eleven, if a finger is cut off below the last knuckle, and not subjected to the usual medical procedure of sewing it up, just cleaned, bleeding stopped, will fully regenerate that fingertip, skin, nerves, ligaments, & fingernail. It has been demonstrated hundreds of time in England. A large open wound can heal overnight if a person is put in a hyperbaric chamber. But if you take all of the factors of the Creation model: Increased Oxygen, Increased atmospheric pressure, and increased Electromagnetic field, what do you have? Health, Gods way!

Isaiah says in chapter 35, that when the earth is restored, that the forests again will sing. Vibration (which is free) is Gods version of medical healing, not Chemical - mans way. This idea, and others, are sometime overlooked as being New Age, just because some non-Christians have done their research and know more about health and healing than God fearing Christians. That alone does not make the principle demonic. Where are all the Christians? What resources have been written by and available to Christians? Have you seen or read much about Christian based Nutrition or alternative methods of natural healing, that is not Charismatic? As Christians, should we abdicate Godly Principles, just because a nonchristian and ungodly world has seemingly taken over the market, or do we take a stand, and declare Gods principles - regardless of if a non Christian figured it out?? Does being an unbeliever invalidate scientific principles? NO !! People wouldn't even be looking for an alternative to "mainstream" medicine, if it worked well, had good, long term results, and was affordable. The truth is, that not many health care providers are working for their patients benefit, in a Godly, Loving, caring, knowledgeable, teachable spirit. They are too busy going on to the next patient, making money, listening to a Drug salesman, who in some cases is a good salesman, sometimes not even a high school graduate, but they take that sales persons free samples, advice, his wining and dining of him, and subject their patients to that drug without researching it themselves to find out if it has any side effects, in which the cure was worse than the disease.

I will quote you from Dr. Mendelsohn, MDs book: "Confessions of a medical Heretic": He states "When doctors are criticized for not telling their patients about the side effects of the drugs they prescribe, they defend themselves on the grounds that the doctor-patient relationship would suffer from such honesty. That deference implies that the doctor-patient relationship is based on something other than knowledge. Its based on faith.

We don't say we know our doctors are good, we say we have faith in them. We trust them.

Don't think that doctors aren't aware of the difference. And don't believe for a minute that they don't play it for all its worth. Because what's at stake is the whole ball game, the whole ninety percent or more of Modern Medicine that we don't need, that, as a matter of fact, is out to kill us.

Modern Medicine cant survive without our faith, because Modern Medicine is neither an art, nor a science. Its a religion.

One definition of religion identifies it as any organized effort to deal with puzzling or mysterious things we see going on in and around us. The Church of Modern Medicine deals with the most puzzling phenomena: birth, death, and all the tricks our bodies play on us and we on them in between. In The Golden Bough, religion is defined as the attempt to gain the favor of powers superior to man, which are believed to direct and control the course of nature and of Human life.

If people don't spend billions of dollars on the Church of Modern Medicine in order to gain favor with the powers that direct and control human life, what do they spend it on?

Common to all religions is the claim that reality is not limited to or dependent upon what can be seen, heard, felt, tasted, or smelled. You can easily test Modern Medical Religion on this Characteristic by simply asking "why"? enough times. Why are you prescribing this drug? Why is this operation going to do me any good? Why do I have to do that? Why do you have to do that to me?

Just ask "why?" Enough times and sooner or later you'll reach the Chasm of Faith. Your doctor will retreat into the fact that you have no way of knowing or understanding all the wonders he has at his command. Just trust me.

This is the first lesson in medical heresy. Lesson number Two is that is a doctor ever wants to do something to you that you're afraid of and ask why? Enough times until he says Just Trust Me, what you're to do is turn around and put as much distance between you and him as you can, as fast as your condition allows."

Still quoting. ( His terminology is the witch doctor , as it is a non holy religion)

"Unfortunately, very few people do that. They submit. They allow their fear of the witch doctors mask, the unknown spirit behind it, and the mystery of what is happening and of what will happen, to change into respectful awe of the whole show.

But you don't have to let the witch doctor have his way. You can liberate yourself from Modern Medicine and it doesn't mean you'll take chances with your health. In fact, you'll be taking less of a chance because there's no more dangerous activity than walking into a doctors office, clinic, or hospital unprepared. And by being prepared I don't mean having your insurance forms filled out. I mean you have to get in and out alive and accomplish your mission. For that you'll need appropriate tools, skills, and cunning.

The first tool you must have in any war is knowledge of the enemy. Once you understand Modern Medicine as a religion, you can fight it and defend yourself more effectively than when you think you're fighting off a science. Medicine never calls itself a church. You'll never see a medical building dedicated to the religion of medicine, always the medical arts, or medical science.

Modern Medicine relies on faith to survive. All religions do. So heavily does the Church of Modern Medicine rely on faith that if everyone somehow simply forgot to believe in it for even one day, the whole system would collapse. For how else could any institution get people to do the things Modern Medicine gets people to do, without inducing a profound suspension of doubt ? Would people allow themselves to be artificially put to sleep and then cut to pieces in a process they couldn't have the slightest notion about if they didn't have faith ? Would people swallow the thousands of tons of pills every year again without the slightest knowledge of what these chemicals are going to do if they didn't have faith?

If Modern Medicine had to validate its procedures objectively, this book "Confessions of a Medical Heretic" wouldn't be necessary. That's why I'm going to demonstrate how Modern Medicine is not a church you want to put your faith in.

Most doctors are unable to recognize wellness, simply because they're not trained in wellness, but in disease. Because they have sharper eyes for signs of disease than for signs of health, and because they have no conception of the relative importance of signs of both in the same person, they're more apt to pronounce you sick than well.

The Gospel says that many are called, but few are chosen, but the Church of Modern Medicine goes that one better. All are called, and most are chosen!


How truly deadly the "Church" is comes into stark relief whenever there's a doctors strike. In 1976 in Bogota, Columbia there was a fifty-two-day period in which doctors disappeared altogether except for emergency care. The "National Catholic Reporter" described the string of unusual side effects from the strike. The death rate went down thirty-five percent. A spokesperson for the National Mortician Association said, It might be a coincidence, but it is a fact. An eighteen percent drop in the death rate occurred in Los Angeles County in 1976 when doctors there went on strike to protest soaring malpractice insurance premiums. Dr. Milton Roemer, a professor of Health Dare Administration at UCLA, surveyed seventeen major hospitals and found that sixty percent fewer operations were performed. When the strike ended and the medical machines started grinding again, the death rate went right back up to where it had been before the strike.

The same thing happened in Israel in 1973 when doctors reduced their daily patient contact from 65,000 to 7,000. The strike lasted a month. According to the Jerusalem Burial Society, the Israeli death rate dropped fifty percent during that month. There had not been such a profound decrease in mortality since the last doctors strike twenty years before!"

This ends my sporadic quotes from Dr. Mendelsohn, MD., in his book "Confessions of a Medical Heretic". You probably have heard of him, as he was the chairman of the Medical Licensure Committee for your state of Illinois. There is a Political Agenda, which is demonic, ungodly, with money at its core. The AMA is nothing more than a political Mafia and Trade Union. Greed is behind their political agendas. One needs to have a close look at the Codex Legislation. Look into the New Medicare restrictions place in this new budget bill that was passed in 1997, involving the choices, or lack thereof of Medicare patients. You will find out that even their own cash is no good. Big brother will dictate to them what procedures will be available to them. You will see that there IS indeed an political agenda; a conspiracy. As Americans, we are going to wake up one day, and find we have no choices to make. They will all already have been made for us.

Jesus Come Quickly!