Inspiration and Encouragement for Christians

"We do not draw people to Christ by loudly discrediting what they believe, or by telling them how wrong they are and how right we are,
but by showing them a light that is so lovely that THEY WANT with all THEIR hearts to know the SOURCE of it."  ~ Madeleine L'Engle
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 • Trouble  You are not required to take on too much
 • An Analogy of  the First Adam, the Last Adam, and the Bride
 • The 23rd Channel   Modern analogy to the 23rd Psalm
 • Biblical Leadership 
 • Biblical Family Worship
 • The Earth's Purpose 
 • Who Am I?  Christ makes the Difference
 • I Refuse to be Discouraged  Inspirational Poem
 • God's Boxes  Inspirational Poem
 • I Asked God  God Said NO
 • Thanksgiving Thorns Bouquet  The Blessing of Thorns
 • See One, Do One, Teach One 
 • NASA  uses the Bible
 • Missionary Rejection  Letter to Paul
 • "The 7 Ups" Great Inspiration
 • Hebrew Names of God  And what they mean
 • 20 Wise Sayings 
 • The Red Beetle  God Honors Tithing
 • A Positive Word 
 • Kissed And Tucked In 
 • "The Room"  Essay
 • Martin Luther's  95 Theses
 • Bible Trivia  (Fun)
 • Church Fun  (in pictures)
 • Maxine  on truth
 • Losing Your Marbles  Thoughtful Inspiration
 • The Daffodil Principle  Something we all need to know
 • God's Accuracy  Unbelievable!
 •  Laminin  The "glue" that holds us together
 •  Death  What a wonderful way to explain it
 •  Satan  Origin, work, and Destiny
 • The Dash  (between the dates on the tombstone)
 • The Birds  Christmas Special by Paul Harvey
 • The Folded Napkin  When Jesus Arose
 • Grow the  Best Garden
 • Encouragement  from the Scriptures
 • Do It  Anyway
 • Billy Graham's  New Suit
 • Christian  Sisters
 • Thanks  for your Time
 • Old Dogs  and young panthers
 • Tommy  Atheist in Residence
 • The Son  Who will take the Son?
 • Prayers  Are Forever
 • Information  Please . . .
 • A Keeper  Really!
 • A Crooked Stick  Is it Really Crooked?
 • Unforgiveness  A Terrible Cost
 • Apology  Does the body good
 • Build a Bridge  Instead of a fence
 • Ben Stein  Confession
 • The Gospel  What must I do to be Saved?
 • Love  and a Batch of Brownies
 • The Prodigal Son  (In the Key of "F")
 • The Soul  Does it have Substance?
 • A Burden  Do You carry one?
   Spiritual Abuse  Beware of controlling leaders
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      • Prayer Request Form 
      • Prayer Journal Form