The Handbook of Rife Frequency Healing

By: Dr. Nenah Sylver, PhD
ISBN: 0-9668352-3-9

I just received my copy of Nenah's new book, "The Handbook of Rife Frequency Healing", and wow, it is an awesome piece of work!

She begins with the history of pharmaceuticals, and how the high dollars behind the drug industry censored other methods of healing.  She covers the dangers of these new drugs that are being used to treat all sorts of emotional and anxiety problems, but discloses the side effects which in some cases are worse than any cure.  She documents the many cover-ups of these money makers for the drug industry.  It is with this background that she presents Royal Raymond Rife.

Rife was a genius who was able to build microscopes that to this day have not been surpassed.  His BeamRay device had a 100% cure rate.  Unfortunately, there wasn't any money to be made in healthy people.  So, the greed of men persecuted Rife, and caused his friends and backers to deny they even knew him.

This book is extremely comprehensive.  It is even 'Symphonic' in it's nature, as she discusses many modalities to health other than Rife: Supplements, Essential oils, Hydrogen Peroxide and Hyperbaric Oxygen, and even gets in to Enderlien's Pleomorphic theories, which gives place to homeopathic remedies.  She covers glandular, Standard Process's supplements, and the founder's fight to keep them "therapeutic", Chiropractic, light therapy, and so much more.

Nenah includes 208 pages of tables with ailments, descriptions, and experimental frequencies that can be used for treatment.  She has a closing chapter on the emotional spectrums we go through when we find ourselves in a terminal situation...

This is a great book which is a composite of most all of the topics we are all concerned with in the quest for healing.  The ISBN number is 0-9668352-3-9.  It is very well done, the typesetting is exquisite, and in general, is a wonderful addition to anyone's holistic library.  You can purchase it from Dr. Sylver directly at: , or at: