The Latent Power of the Soul

by Watchman Nee

I want to tell you about a really neat little booklet (costs$3.95)  written by Watchman Nee back in 1935, called: The Latent Power of the Soul.

It is about how God created us in the beginning, and all that we "lost" at the fall.  It is in reference to what some might call supernatural powers- that were at creation - quite natural.  After sin, they became locked up within the body of flesh.  Thus he calls them latent.  It's not that God recalled them, or removed them, it's just that these powers are now locked up within the fleshly parts of us.  (That is why some religions can realize strange supernatural things happen, when certain disciplines are practiced )

I have been really struggling with the thought that some of these fringe type sciences, that are espoused by people of strange religions do have some true sciences to them.  Some of these people who have began this work are actually very demonically oriented.  I was thinking that in Ecclesiastes it says there is nothing new under the sun, that all things are created by God.  I was thinking that good Angelic hosts, as well as bad demonic forces - both have knowledge of these sciences which were known in the beginning.  Adam had the whole mind of God.  Demonic forces use this knowledge as a hook to hook people into the demonic realm for reasons of power, etc.  God also reveals things to us as believers that are scientific facts, and are sprinkled throughout scripture. 

A counterfeit is just that - Its a real thing, with just enough truth mixed in with the lie to make it seem like the true thing.  God invented the real science originally though, for our good.

I always go back to my philosophy :

Watchman Nee also says that the Bible clearly states that in the end times there will be an increase in this exposed latent power of the soul, as Satan wants to use it in the same way he did at the fall in the Garden, by making men think they will become "Like" God - or become gods.  In Revelation 18 it talks about in the end times a man's soul will become a commodity in Babylon, which can be bought and sold.  Our souls, Watchman Nee explains, is the bridge between our Spirit, which relates to life, and our body which relates to the flesh.  When body and spirit are joined, they are joined into a third = the Soul.  I was referred to this book written by a Christian saint that suffered enormously for the calling of Christ upon his life.  He has written numerous books, which are very helpful in a practical sense in the Christian walk.

I also wanted to mention to you with regard to Roger Cathey's post quite some time ago on the subject of Geopathic Radiation.  He reposted an article that originally was in Nexus magazine on the radiation's of dying and dead humans that leave a lasting impression on this earth.  It is my belief that at "conception" man becomes a living soul.  This point forever changes the earth, and everything this soul touches.  It never again is the same.  I began thinking that sin must be therefore accumulative.  The bible talks about the fullness of evil being accomplished.  God took action.  At the cross, it wasn't just the sin of the current population living that killed Jesus, but the accumulated sin of all mankind, Past, Present as well as Future. 

I was looking through that weird book on PSI Science.  It showed the leaf that had been ripped in two.  In Kirlan photography, both sides still showed present. It's DNA witness was still present.  This will probably be true throughout eternity with regard to Human kind.  All vibration -- Light continually going out -- at the speed of light-- all our "idle words" being called into account to judge us.  My husband said that God is the only one that has the job of forgetting our sins.  In reality He doesn't "forget" our sins, so much as He chooses not "call them to remembrance".

As you can tell, my brain is going on overdrive....  and I'm not even finished with the book ~ !