Holistic Protocol for The Immune System
by Scott J. Gregory, O.M.D.

I just finished reading a book that I recently acquired from a used book store called "A Holistic Protocol for The Immune System", by Scott J. Gregory, O.M.D.

He has a LOT or holistic protocols for Cleansing, Supporting and Rebuilding the Immune system, for Candida, Herpes, Hepatitis, Chronic Fatigue, and HIV.... etc... He has Many unusual remedies, both herbal and homeopathic, that I've not heard of, but would like to experiment with some of.... This first one, for instance, releases atomic oxygen... Take a look! It's interesting! He has several programs, each broken out specifically for each type of infection; Candida, Herpes, Hepatitis, CMV, KS, PCP, etc., Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (EBV), HIV/ARC/AIDS, etc... This is an holistic approach, which requires changes in one's lifestyle, as well as taking various supplements.

On another list, I just read a quote I like: "You never change things by fighting the existing reality.
To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete."
R. Buckminster Fuller Isn't this really Great???

Anyway, this book takes a unusual approach to things, and he says these approaches have good results. Your results may vary, but I thought I'd pass this along. The ISBN # is 0-930852-22-2 (pbk.) The publisher is Tree of Life Publications, Box 126, Joshua Tree, CA, 92252 It has a 5th edition copyright date of 1993.

Well, here goes some of the unusual products he mentions in the book:

Dioxychlor. This was developed by Dr.'s Robert Bradford and Dr Rodrigo Rodriguez, MD from the American Biologics Mexico SA Research Hospital, a medical center in Tijuana, BC, Mexico... This compound liberate nascent (atomic) oxygen inhibit spored, mycoplasms, viruses and fungi. It kills pathogenic microbes on contact. The nascent oxygen released by using Dioxychlor is stored in the body. Dioxychlor is not new; it was used in World War I for infections. Stanford University has done much research on it. When Dioxychlor is taken homeopathically under the tongue, it goes directly into the lymph system, as opposed to diluting it and taking it in water. Individuals who have chemical sensitivities must start out with very low dosages sublingually...(perhaps 4-5 drops )....

LDM-100,(Leptotaenia dissecta) which is a plant antibiotic from a wild black carrot, introduced by E.T. Krebs, Sr.

Pfaffia Paniculata. This is from the rain forests of Brazil.

A Chinese herbal formula called Ping Ziao Da, that is used in cancer therapies in Chinese hospitals today... It re-established the body's ability to utilize oxygen and dispose of cellular toxins while at the same time strengthening the immune system and the blood. It is a combination of herbs: viola, oldenlandia, eleuthro, citrus aurantium, curcuma, lithospermum, antler, loranthus, milletia, gambir, pteroptus, gleditsia, myrrh, fritillary, lonicera, sargassum, inula, agkristrodon, sophora, burdock, sorrell, slippery elm, turkey rhubarb, chaparral, and pau d' Arco.

A viracide called PDL-500, which contains 'some' of the same herbs as the LDM-100, but slightly different...

A broad spectrum antifungal derived from 12 Chinese herbs called Phellostatin, specifically for candidiasis....

"Isatis 6", which is a combination of six Chinese herbs that are anti-viral in nature, which target toxins in the blood and resolve heat conditions. The Chinese formula is Da Qing Jie Du Pian. The ingredients are: isatis, hu-chang, prunella, oldenlandia, andrographis, and lonicera.

Zedoria, which is a combination of Chinese herbs that repress cancer cell growth.

**Dioxychlor is available from American Biologies, 1108 Walnut ave., Chula Vista, CA.92011 1-800-227-4473 If you order it, I'll buy a bottle also....

**The Immujem/SVA is available from Dr. Godfirnon; Summa Medical Group, 6330 Variel, Suite 101, Woodhills, CA 91367 818-992-1166 I'd like to order this supplement!! It is an incredible remedy for the immune system. I must have forgotten to write about it below.... It's a homeopathic preparation, and Dr. Marichal of Belgium is successfully treating over 500 patients (1996) with Aids, and this remedy in a 7C potency. Immujem is the name given to an ongoing French/Belgian research project on immunology. Immuno Vanda is a division of a Belgian lab called "Vanda". It produces different products for helping those with hepatitis, Aids, EBV., etc. The "SVA" treatment protocol is specifically for Aids/ and Aids related conditions. SVA enhances the immune system and is anti-viral. It contains eight homeopathic remedies. They are all in different dilutions, which are determined by much clinical experimentations. The homeopathic potentized remedies in SVA include: TNA, Interleuken I (locally short-acting hormone activating T-4), Interleuken III (hormone which stimulates all the white blood cells), Interferon, hematopoetin (stimulates red blood cel production), PAA, and immunoglobulin-g based broad spectrum anti-viral. For Aids, the book recommends trying two pellets daily, HIV or immune challenged, one a day.....