Dirty Electricity

I just finished reading a very interesting, easily read book called Dirty Electricity by Samuel Milham, MD, MPH, and thought I'd make a Book Report on his wonderful book that is so pertinent for today's times! It is so important, as this type of thing is a recognized Obstacle to Cure....in Homeopathic Terms, and it wasn't around in Hahnemann's day.  The ISBN # is 978-1-4502-3821-2 for the paperback version.  There's some very helpful information about Vitamine D in the following as well.

In this book it gives the background of this young doctor, just beginning his career, and finding quite by accident, yet by careful observation and putting a inquiring mind to work that so many of the patients that came from a certain area, would develop same or similar problems, and he began his life's work of tracking, collating and organizing this data into predictable form that can be used to say without doubt that EMF is definitely the new disease source in our world today.

As he was born in 1932, graduated with honors and a full tuition scholarship to any New York State college of his choice. He enrolled in Union College in their pre-med program. He got a job at St. Clare's hospital working in the clinical laboratory on weekends and within a few months was running the lab at night drawing pre-op bloods, doing blood counts and chemistry profiles, taking blood samples for transfusions, typing, cross-matching, and doing bacteriology. The pathologist who oversaw the lab allowed him to assist in autopsies, loaned him his books and an old monocular Zeiss microscope, complete with a hematology slide collection to take home and study.

In his senior year at Union, he took another test for a state scholarship and won full tuition to the Albany Medical College. He also won another small scholarship, the Fuller Chemistry Prize for Excellence in Chemistry.  So, he was off to a very good start! Most of his early success he made by paying attention to details and connecting the dots. I feel he is immanently qualified to make the judgment calls he's made based on his background and his detailed records.

As I am interested in Electromagnetic medicine, the following was interesting to me.  He writes that he'd been plagued with a nagging, painful case of plantar warts on the soles of both feet near the toes, and on the ball of his right big toe. He also had a small ordinary wart near his knee. Although he'd tried just about everything, he always had them grow back.  One slow night in ER, he used an electrocautery needle to burn off the small wart on his leg. It bubbled when the current was delivered, after which he just brushed it off with the side of a scalpel. He applied the current to the empty crater once more
with the needle, put a band-aide over it and went back to work. In less than a week, ALL his planter warts were shrinking, even though they hadn't been treated, and within two weeks were completely gone never to return! He guessed that he'd somehow immunized himself against the wart protein when he burned it off using the electrical current, which had affected his immune system.

He began working investigating leukemia in the early 1960's when the British Journal, The Lancet published a query asking for information about leukemia clusters.  As this was in the pre-computer days, he had to make a card counting sorter system to sort death records using punch cards for all the children dying under age ten of leukemia in the years 1948-1960 by county.  As the years went by, he was able to show that the childhood leukemia peak was caused by some facet of residential electrification.

He describes working doing cohort studies in two aluminum reduction plants in Washington State. He was able to prove that the strong magnetic fields in the potrooms was contributing to excessive cases of Lymphoma. He finds electrical wiring in residences where Childhood cancer statistics were higher than normal - the electrical wiring was thicker than control houses. Thicker wiring carry more current, and magnetic fields are proportional to current flow. Dr. Rovert David helped him study the immune status of workers in the Kaiser Tacoma plant, with the steel worker's union who were reporting additional lymphona cases.  B-Cell lymphoma is more common in both congenital and acquired immunodeficiency. People treated with immunosuppressive drugs for organ transplants ( and other reasons) all have an increased incidence of B-cell lymphoma. The blood samples of these Tacoma workers were abnormally high T8 and T4 counts, and the ratios were abnormal because of the high T8 counts. The body was mounting an immune response to the EMF fields in the potrooms. After time, the chronic immune system stimulation, the immue system fails, allowing the lymphoma to occur. A later study of rats exposed to pulsed radio frequency radiation (microwaves) showed a very similar immune system patterns, and the rats also had a large cancer excess. There were seven adrenal pheochromocytomas in the exposed rats, vs one in the controls. These are functional tumors of the adrenal medula, which produces adrenaline. This was confirmed by the hospital discharges in Washington state between 1087 and 2007. There have been a huge increase in cases, coinciding with the year cell phones first began to become so popular in the beginning of 2000. Almost double between 2000 and 2007.

He found that electricians, power and telephone linesmen, aluminum workers, radio & TV repairmen, welders, power station workers and so on, had increased mortality due to leukemia, especially acute leukemia, lymphoma and brain tumors. He wrote this up and it was published in the New England Journal of Medicine (Milham 1982)

After this letter was published, he received a note from an amateur radio operator regarding "ham" radio operators who are exposed to electromagnetic fields, including radio frequency radiation. (RFR) He began looking into the death records and they showed twice as many leukemia deaths as expected. ARRL members also had increased mortality due to lymphoma and acute myeloid leukemia.

Something very interesting he discovered was about Multiple Sclerosis and Vit. D.  The science behind the epidemiology of MS is such that the disease is very uncommon at the equator, but increased in incidence in proportion to increasing north and south latitude. Average annual hours of sunshine had a nearly perfect negative 90% correlation with MS incidence and mortality. Populations in darker regions with high fish consumption had low MS rates as well.  Ultraviolet light is part of the EMF spectrum that our species obviously needs. Do take a look at the New Research Paper Char's daughter just finished co-publishing: The vitamin D study is already available online at http://www.hindawi.com/journals/ije/2010/917428.html with pdf access also available at that page.  When we have indoor occupations and don't get enough Vit. D, then expose ourselves to increased rates of electromagnetic fields, the results can be tragic.

Milham writes that the highest levels he's seen so far are in excess of 20,000 unites compared to the reccomended 50 units. The worst offenders were a lamp store, hospital emergency rooms, and an oncology clinic. A mall ner a cell tower, a school near a cell tower and a fire station near a cell tower, all have high dirty electricity levels. It is ironic that oncologists, nurses and staff at an oncology clinic are bein exposed eight hours a day where they work to diagnose and treat cancer patients, yet are unaware themselves of their own potential exposures to a controllable carcinogen. Nothing ever came of Milham's notification of the hospital facilities that he notified. ( monetary and legal liability - would rather say "we didn't know")

Another revelation to me was his "mistake" of turning on his magnetic field meter while driving in his car one day. He found that the fields were not coming from the engine as expected, but from the tires!!! Turning the engine off at 60mph did not change the fields. He later ran a compas over the tires which are made of a mile of fine magnetic steel wire woven into the steel belts of the tire, and watched the compass needle spin because of the magnetic domains in the belts. Electromagnetic fields can be generated by spinning magnets, which is what steel-belted radial rotating tires are!

Sources of dirty electricity in today's electrical equipment include light dimmer switches, compact fluorescent lights that interrupt the current at at least 20,000 times per second; halogen lamps; electronic transformers and these are most prevalent in the chargers we use to charge our phones, and other electronic switching and inverter equipment. What he found out was that contrary to what we all believe from published research, 60 hz isn't what shows to be causing cancer! The new exposure metric, high frequency voltage transients known as dirty electricity did show a positive correlation to cancer incidence, and with increasing the cumulative exposure to high frequency voltage transients in electrical wiring as measured with a G/S meter,the more time spent exposed to it, the higher your chances are of cancer. Radar guns have been shown to rase the incidence of testicular cancer in police who hold the radar device in their laps/ Buildings using an installed elevator system can have abnormal rates of strong electromagnetic fields causing cancer clusters.

Dr. Martin Graham and Dave Stetzer are the ones who have created the G/S meters which measure this type of voltage.  Dave Stetzer is a power quality electrition from Wisconsin who was dealing with problems in farm animals and health problems in farm familys. Their Genious was in recognizing that it was the high-frequency voltage transients in GROUND currents that were causing the problems! After Dave installed a filter in a midwestern school, a diary farmer a mile away noticed that his cows each gave an average of ten pounds more milk each day beginning the day the school was filtered. The cows were responding to dirty electricity being removed from the ground currents! Dr. Magda Havas, a professor at Trent University in Peterborough, Onterio becaume involved with Dr. Graham and David Stetzer when she discovered dramatic changes in symptoms and dtudent behavior at school after she measured dirty electricity and deployed filters to reduce it. She has done numerous studies on the health effects of dirty electricity and may have identified a third kind of diabetes associated with high frequency transients, in addition to the recognized type 1 and type 2 diabetes (see:http://www.stetzerelectric.com/filters/research/). Dirty electricity has frequencies between the ranges of 2 and 100 KHz in the radiofrequency range. These fields are potentially present on all wires carrying electricity and are an important component of ground currents returning to substations, especially in rural areas.  In theory, every electron generated by a utility plant returns to a substation at the plant either through the neutral line of the electric distribution system or through the earth. Milham suspects that electricity returns through the ground rather than the neutral line, and can therefore get into homes through ground rods and metal plumbing.

Dr. Milham's book goes on to talk about ALS and EMF/RF radiation, Tens devices, electro-convulsive shock therapy, diathermy and an increase in ALS.....Military towns where Loran C antennas are installed are all implicated in Leukemia clusters... thought about a doctor's lectures to the Autism One Conference, Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt , who stated that electromagnetic fields of all types, but especially in such abundant quantities, caused fungus's, molds, mycotoxins etc.. to grow at exponential rates. As you know, most leukemia's, and other cancers have a significant, if not a dominant fungal aspect to them..... so when you add in the "fertilizer" of EMF fields to cause fungus's to grow, we have a broadened view outside the typical box!

These cancers were not present in rural areas that had no electricity. Milham predicts that if anyone will take a look, childhood leukemia deaths will likely follow the northward spread of electrification from Winnipeg to Churchill, Manitoba. There is also a positive correlation between residential electrification and mortality with some adult cancers, including female breast cancer, in the 1930 -1940 vital statistics. In contrast, the Amish in the US and Canada who live without electricity, have the current pattern of morbidity and mortality similar to what the US rural residents had in the early part of the 20th century. Their Type 2 diabetes prevalence rates are about half of those who are non-Amish, even though their obesity rates are comparable. They have the lowest rates of cancer, cardiovascular disease, and suicide. The life expectancy of the Amish is above 70 years old.

Milham reccomends getting a digital readout of the high frequency voltage transient levels when plugged into electrical outlets from www.stetzerelectric.com.  Milham states that removing 12 compact fluorescent bulbs from a track lighting fixture allowed him to get below the 50 G/S units, using only about a dozen filters for his home in Washington state. He states getting rid of wireless communication is the logical first step. He predicts that when the latency periods ( time between first exposure and diagnosis) for brain tumors have been achieved, we are in for a calamitous epidemic of cell phone - induced brain tumors. Cell phones and cell phone towers, terrestrial antennas, Wi-Fi and Wi-Max systems, broadband Internet over power lines, and personal electronic equipment suggest an EMF Epidemic.  I have written previously about what a difference putting a "Break" onto our power meter made in our electric bill.  I don't know if it helped with breaking any of the dirty electricity getting into our house or not... I need to buy one of these meters!

Hope this is interesting to you, as it was to me.

I greatly recommend that everyone reads this incredible book It's very well written, and in a style that is easy to read and comprehend. The information given in his book is such that it is really pertinent to NOW! It makes so much sense!