A Homeopathic Approach to Cancer
by Dr. A.U. Ramakrishnan and Cathrine R. Coulter.

It talks about a new method of treatment with homeopathy. This is called the Plussing Method. Dr. Ramakrishnan writes:

"As mentioned above, in classical homeopathy the traditional way of prescribing is to administer only one remedy at a time and on an infrequent basis. (To be sure, in acute conditions or where there is pain, severe discomfort, or danger, the remedy may be repeated more frequently, but this is decided according to a patient's manifest individual needs.) In the treatment of cancer, however, the prescriber often cannot afford to "wait and Watch"; the adverse effects of primary and secondary lesions require a more aggressive procedure. Adapting to the urgency and severity of the condition and to the necessity of quickly bringing about tangible or visible changes in the pathology, Dr. Ramakrishnan has developed a method that involves:

1. More frequent administrations of a remedy on a regulated (not "as needed") basis.

2. Prescribing a second remedy in alternation with the first, on a regular (usually weekly) basis (as described in Chapter 2). The justification for this last is threefold: (a) a patient's body can tire of a remedy and after a while cease to respond to it; (b) too frequent repetition of a single remedy can cause aggravations (these risks are obviated by the alternating method); (c) addressing the disease on two different levels constitutes a stronger method of attack.

3. Administering a remedy by the Plussing Method. This procedure, which has it's roods in Hahnemann's early disciples, then passed on to homeopaths worldwide -- boasts a number of variations. But essentially it involves diluting a given remedy in water and taking a spoonful of it at regular intervals, stirring before every dose (this last is done in order slightly to change the potency or vibration of the medicine).

Plussing not only minimizes further the risk of aggravation but also ensures a medicine's more powerful impact.

Dr. Ramakrishnan's particular Plussing Method consists of diluting three pellets or globules of the remedy (or a number of grains or granules amounting to the size of a pea) in eleven teaspoons of spring water. **

The patient sips on teaspoon every fifteen minutes. Between each dose, the water is gently stirred, or if in a bottle, shaken once. The patient takes ten teaspoonsful over the course of the approximately two and a half hours and reserves the last teaspoon for the next day. The next day, ten teaspoons full of freshwater are added to the original mixture ( but not any fresh medicine) and the process is repeated. The procedure continues for seven days -- after which the remedy is changed and the same procedure is repeated with the new medicine." end of quote..

He reports significant success rate improvements from previous pre-plussing methods...

I will say that in my own situations, I've noticed that I needed to alternate between a couple remedies, which I've reported on before. So, my own muscle testing confirms his reports. Dr. Ellis Barker writes a lot about this as well, and his case studies were very impressive.

This is a great book, and has it indexed between different type of cancer, with the case studies, and the different kinds of remedies he has used on each type of cancer.
The ISBN number is 1-57626-155-7